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Maths Assessments for all grades Years 1 – 12 inclusive

Below you will find maths assessments for grade 1-12. Each assessment has a PDF for the student and for the assessor. There are also a few important things to keep in mind.

Why Maths Assessments often don’t matter

Usually, companies do assessments to highlight all the possible knowledge gaps a student might have. These “gaps” are then used to create a sense of urgency to sell more tutoring or practice materials, or whatever the company is selling. This is not the spirit in which these assessments were created and as such they are not designed to be absolutely exhaustive in terms of content.

Maths assessments that cover every tiny bit of content are usually not a realistic reflection of the student’s knowledge gaps. Unless the student specifically prepared for the assessment and diligently revised all of the content from the previous year, they are simply not going to remember everything during the assessment even if they are a top student. It is important that we don’t mix up a “knowledge gap” with unpreparedness.

Beyond assessing for knowledge gaps

  • Does the student study enough and do their homework?
  • Do they backcheck their work properly or do they make lots of silly mistakes?
  • Do they truly comprehend the content or are they Rule Dependent and struggle with worded problems?
  • Do they take notes in a way that enables meaningful revision?
  • Do they lay their working out with correct formatting to increase readability, avoid silly mistakes, maximize partial marks?
  • Are they afraid of being wrong and give up whenever they get stuck? Or are they comfortable to take risks?

If a student is just memorizing what to do and not comprehending it; or if they just can’t help making silly mistakes in every question, then it doesn’t matter if we discover and close all their knowledge gaps. They still won’t perform well.

It is important to uncover knowledge gaps of course, but it is just as important to understand the student’s true challenges in the subject, their study skills and habits. Without a focus on improving how the student learns, the same problems will repeat themselves. Not all of a student’s challenge is due to knowledge gaps. Why did those gaps develop? An honest maths assessment must consider knowledge gaps AND study skills/habits.

About these maths assessments

Each assessment includes content that a student should typically know as they enter the grade. For example, the grade 5 maths assessment has content that a student should know as they are entering year 5.

These assessments are designed to be done together with the student. They are not tests. The assessor/teacher/tutor/parent should sit with the student and follow the instructions in the Assessor PDF. The assessor should lead the student through the assessment, feeling free to prompt them and ask questions when necessary.

No time restrictions are intended, so that the assessor can really get insight into the student’s thinking process.

Maths Assessment – Grade 1 – Assessor
Maths Assessment – Grade 1 – Student

Maths Assessment – Grade 2 – Assessor
Maths Assessment – Grade 2 – Student

Maths Assessment – Grade 3 – Assessor
Maths Assessment – Grade 3 – Student

Maths Assessment – Grade 4 – Assessor
Maths Assessment – Grade 4 – Student

Maths Assessment – Grade 5 – Assessor
Maths Assessment – Grade 5 – Student

Maths Assessment – Grade 6 – Assessor
Maths Assessment – Grade 6 – Student

Maths Assessment – Grade 7 – Assessor
Maths Assessment – Grade 7 – Student

Maths Assessment – Grade 8 – Assessor
Maths Assessment – Grade 8 – Student

Maths Assessment – Grade 9 – Assessor
Maths Assessment – Grade 9 – Student

Maths Assessment – Grade 10 – Assessor
Maths Assessment – Grade 10 – Student

Maths Assessment – Grade 11 – Assessor
Maths Assessment – Grade 11 – Student

Maths Assessment – Grade 12 – Assessor
Maths Assessment – Grade 12 – Student

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I texted Nathan to say well done cos April got a B- on her maths exam. Huge difference in her grade and her attitude, she's sooooo happy.
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