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Year 12 Maths Tutoring

What’s new in Year 12 Maths?

Year 12 Maths and Yr 12 Maths Tutoring

Year 12 is heavy in new content which includes:

  • More calculus, especially integration,
  • The use of tree diagrams in probability studies,
  • Sequence and series (arithmetic and geometric),
  • Applications of differentiation (calculus) including the second derivative,
  • Logarithmic (including natural logarithm) and exponential functions and the application of calculus to them,
  • Trigonometric functions and the application of trigonometric ratios and differentiation to them,
  • Applications of calculus in the real world.

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Main content of Year 12 Maths

The core content of year 12 maths revolves around calculus. Apart from this, there is the application of the principles of plane geometry to theoretical problems as well as the use of tree diagrams to expound on the laws of probability. Very important too are arithmetic and geometric series as well as their applications in consumer mathematics (compound interest, hire purchase and repayment plans).

From then, the bulk of year 12 maths lies with calculus. Starting with applications of differentiation learnt the previous year and introduction to the second derivative. This will include primitive functions, concepts such as maxima, minima, tangents and normals to curves. Thereafter, integration is introduced. This year, students will learn about the Simpson’s rule, the Trapezoidal rule and the application of integration to areas and volumes of solids. Real world application of calculus is also important to this year especially in phenomena involving growth and decay, velocity and acceleration where calculus as a measure of rate of change will be central. Also tied to calculus will be studies in trigonometric, logarithmic and exponential functions and their applications.

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Common challenges for students in Year 12 Maths

Calculus. Calculus. Calculus. Year 12 is the year of calculus in maths. Therefore, it can be difficult for students who haven’t grasped the fundamentals to move on to the applications. This, in the final year of High School when preparation for final assessment is in full gear, can be daunting to students.

To be more particular, students often find it hard to unify their knowledge, especially around calculus. There are so many rules and concepts which are inter-related. It can be challenging to understand how exactly the rules and concepts are connected and how to apply them in a specific context. The only way to really deal with this is to focus on true understanding of the material, without which knowledge cannot be cross contextualised.

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Main outcomes for Year 12 Maths

At the end of this year, students must show a complete understanding of the principles and use of calculus. They must be able to integrate and differentiate functions as well as apply these to higher concepts and real world problems. Apart from this, students are expected to have mastered every area in algebra, probability and high school geometry. They must also be able to solve trigonometric, logarithmic and exponential functions and show the sound reasoning capability of borrowing from different areas of year 12 maths to solving problems where applications of principles are required.

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Most important concepts to ensure your child understands in Year 12 Maths

Calculus is the most important concept your child must understand in year 12 maths. It will help all other areas.

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If hiring a tutor, what study habits and content to focus on in Year 12 Maths?

Studying for final assessments in year 12 will prove daunting. When getting a tutor, be ready to allow your child extra hours for study. This is absolutely necessary. It is even advisable to get a tutor early so your child can learn ahead of the class. This will not only afford him/her more time for other preparations but also give the child an all-important confidence to approach the maths in year 12 without fear and undue anxiety.

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Main challenges involved in tutoring a Year 12 Maths student

The sheer volume of work to cover may overwhelm a year 12 maths student and make him/her difficult to tutor. Making sure that your child covers all the necessary content with spare time for revision can be challenging. It requires effective planning and time management which is impossible without the full co-operation of a student and commitment to completing all set homework.

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Some good ideas on how to help your child in Year 12 Maths

You and/or the tutor should quickly pinpoint your child’s areas of weakness in year 12 maths and even the previous years’ maths. This will make it easy to fill those gaps and build on a better foundation. Furthermore, give your child more time for study and lots of encouragement to see them through the last year of High School.

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Microsoft Word - Parents Guide to Math Essentials.docx

Download this guide as PDFhttps://www.ezymathtutoring.com.au/Year%2012%20Maths%20Guide.pdf

What they say about our tutoring:

Zara has been a real help so far to Naomi who looks forward to seeing her each week after school. Zara is always on time and has a lovely approach, which Naomi has warmed to and she now feels less intimidated by her maths work.
Thank you so much for your email. We are so very happy with how things  are progressing. I can already see Keeleys confidence improving and I can hear her understanding coming along as I listen to the session. Dennis is a fantastic tutor! He is very understanding and patient. He is a lovely man, very friendly and has amazing manners and people skills. I will be recommending your company to anyone I know in the same situation. Thanks again.
Ezy Maths Tutoring really helped my daughter progress both her knowledge and enjoyments of Maths. Her progress has been amazing and she has looked forward to her weekly session with her tutor. The tutor connected really well with my daughter and was able to build her confidence. I am sure that she will now find the transition to high school much easier with her improved skills in maths.
Tammy is great.  She has a friendly manner and she is enthusiastic at every session. Lucy seems to like her and she has some great methods for teaching.  She engages Lucy and makes the sessions fun and interesting bringing things along to help Lucy understand what she is trying to teach her.  She is concentrating on what Lucy's weaknesses are while thinking ahead for Lucy for year 7. From  my observations of the sessions I think she will help Lucy enormously. I am very happy with Tammy to date and hope that she is happy to continue on with Lucy
We are delighted with Charlie as Gabrielle’s tutor. He has been prompt, polite, pleasant and extremely helpful. Within 2 sessions I could see her confidence in attacking problem solving questions had improved and approach to Maths in general.
Thank you. So far so good. Sarah is very approachable and friendly, quick to respond to emails etc. and has a great collaborative style. Jake, who was skeptical of tutoring at first, has found the sessions very useful.
We are delighted with Charlie as Gabrielle’s tutor. He has been prompt, polite, pleasant and extremely helpful. Within 2 sessions I could see her confidence in attacking problem solving questions had improved and approach to Maths in general.
The tutoring with Shamir has been great so far.  Tyler is very happy with him and we can only look forward to an increase in Tyler’s results through hard work and dedication. Shamir appears very dedicated to helping Tyler, which really shows through.  We are very happy with him so far.

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