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    Year 7 English Tutoring

    In year 7, students are introduced to the idea that evaluations of texts may be backed up by reference to the text and other sources. They start to look at how, in a text, certain devices such as introductions, conclusions, and topic sentences can be used to help with cohesiveness. Students learn about how point of view is achieved in visual texts. When discussing and presenting ideas and information, students consider body language and how to put forth a particular point of view. At this year level, students begin to evaluate and summarise ideas and information from different sources.

    The core contents of year 7 English are:

    • Identifying how structures such as extended metaphors are used in informative and persuasive texts,
    • Understanding that coherence of texts is helped by devices such as introductions, conclusions, and topic sentences,
    • Responding to literature by reflecting on opinions about the text and comparing views with others,
    • Experimenting with using language features found in other texts for effect in students’ own work,
    • Planning, drafting, and publishing imaginative, informative, and persuasive texts with emphasis on using language, and visual and audio features to convey information.

    In year 7, students typically struggle to write introductions, topic sentences, and conclusions appropriately. Figuring out exactly how to use these devices effectively, their purpose, and what they should look like are common areas of difficulty.

    By the end of year 7 English, students should be able to:

    • Explain and respond to issues using evidence from texts,
    • Understand how audiences may be influenced through the use of language features,
    • Create texts that use language features and images for effect,
    • Use language features to engage the audience when making presentations,
    • Edit their work, ensuring that they use correct grammar, varied and specialised vocabulary, and accurate spelling and punctuation.

    Being able to use evidence from a text to explain an issue and to form a response to that issue, using language and images for effect in writing and making presentations, and using more varied vocabulary are all important in year 7.
    A tutor can help your child analyse a text by pointing out examples of different types of language features. Your child can also practise finding language features and then experiment writing their own examples for the purpose of creating effect. Practising with different texts is key to developing this skill.
    Writing a complete piece of writing with an introduction, body, and conclusion is one area that year 7 students may not be comfortable with. Knowing the difference between how an introduction is written compared to a conclusion and what exactly to include in these sections can be confusing.
    With the transition from primary school to secondary school, some students feel pressure as they adapt to the change and increased expectations. As a result, students may reduce or even stop reading for pleasure. Look for a change in your child’s reading habits and speak to them about making time to read what they enjoy on a regular basis.



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