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12 Mar

How To Know When It’s Time For A Tutor

Many parents struggle with knowing how to help their children who are having a hard time with math. If the parents are not math aficionados, helping their children with high-level math can cause stress in the relationship and end up doing more harm than good. Parents who love math may have a hard time relating […]

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20 Feb

Tutoring First Lesson + Good Impression

When a new student is assigned to you for tutoring, it can be a very exciting experience going for the first lesson. However, it must be recognised, that they’re expecting a professional tutor who will be able to help the student. It is a good idea to keep in mind the importance of: 1. Being […]

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24 May

Long Tutoring Break Due to Illness – Now Behind

One of my students has been sick for the last few weeks and has thus missed a substantial amount of maths – any tips for catching them up? This is a fairly common scenario in tutoring. Here are some suggestions. First get the student on side by discussing the need to catch up on the […]

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22 Apr

Building Rapport With An Introvert

Client was difficult to try and relate to initially, with a very introverted personality. Perhaps better engaging techniques for probing information to try build rapport, or approaching super-shy personalities.   First of all, you should recognize that some students will be easier to develop a rapport with, others harder. These are just the facts of […]

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30 Jul

students with many gaps

If a student is struggling with MANY topics, how do you help him catch up in a short period of time? Depends on the nature of the struggle, is it comprehension problems throughout, too much content to recall at once, gaps in knowledge? If the student is struggling because of gaps and they’ve never actually […]

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2 Jul

A Student Who Knows Very Little

My year 10 student is struggling overall with her maths, she is in the lowest class at and is finding it difficult to solve almost every type of equation and she barely knows her times tables without looking them up in a chart. Is there anything i can refer to to help with this or […]

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17 Mar

No Notes From Teacher

The student’s school notebook is empty, she stated that her teacher does not give class notes and only uses the notes from the textbook/worksheet. She student tells me the teacher does not give any notes and i cannot give any notes to her now because she is far too much behind, so what can i […]

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15 Mar

Wants To Learn Division Without Times Tables

My student is in Year 10, but she does not know her times tables. She even struggles with her 2 times tables. When I arrived, the student and her mother asked me to teach her long division. I am aware that my student needs to build her foundations first – her multiplication skills should be […]

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18 Jan

Where To Start if Student is Lost

I’ve just started with a grade 3 student. We are doing 1 hour twice per week in order to cover gaps as well as school work. It is quite hard at the beginning to decide where to start as he is very intelligent but is lacking so much knowledge. He can’t do anything besides addition. […]

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19 Dec

First Lesson and Homework

I have just started tutoring math with a new student who is quite introverted. The first lesson was a little awkward and I’m not sure about assigning homework in such a situation and how that would mix with the relationship building side of things. As far as the first tutorial is concerned, the main objective […]

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