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3 Things To Tell The Student Who Is About To Give Up

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3 Things To Tell The Student Who Is About To Give Up

2018-08-01T23:26:19+00:00 Posted in Confidence, Motivation & Interest by

3 Thidontgive upngs To Tell The Student Who Is About To Give Up


Parents, teachers and tutors know all to well the helpless feeling that comes when the student they are trying to help is about to check out, throw in the towel, call it quits, and give up. They have tried explaining the concept every way they know how, and have even Googled other ways to try to reach their struggling student, but to no avail. It can be frustrating for both the instructor and the child, and can lead to arguments and tears and anger, and usually never leads to a solid understanding and appreciation for the topic at hand.


Sometimes, when it feels like everything has been said and done and no progress is being made, kids just need to take a deep breath and hear some of these positive affirmations:


As long as you’re alive, anything is possible- We are all given one life, and if we are lucky enough to be healthy enough to use our minds and live in a place where education is so valued and available, there is no reason we should give up and throw away the opportunity to learn, even if it is hard. As long as you’re breathing, you have the opportunity to work towards a goal and achieve it.


You are close– Many times, the point at which someone wants to give up is also the same point that a break through is just around the corner. Have the student picture themselves working towards a door. All of the work and mistakes and errors they’ve made up to this point has put them closer and closer to the door. What if their hand is on the handle right now? Have them picture themselves standing right outside of the door, and then ask them if they really want to turn back now. Success is so close, giving up would mean all of the hard work they’ve put into learning this concept would be in vain.


What will giving up cost you? In the moment, frustrated students just want to be done with the specific topic or task and aren’t thinking about what they are risking by giving up. If they quit now, will it affect their final grade? Their ability to graduate? Will it eventually make them feel regret and disappointment that they didn’t keep trying? Giving up may seem like the easy way now, but it could lead to major consequences that aren’t worth it. Talk to your student about what giving up could look like and why sticking to it just a little further is in their best interest.


Parents, tutors and teachers can do a quick Google search to find celebrities who got where they are because they didn’t give up. Athletes will appreciate the relentless work and dedication to being the best from some of the greatest athletes in the field, such as Lance Armstrong, Muhammad Ali and Michael Jordan. It is easy to find famous musicians who have overcome incredible obstacles, rejection and failure to follow their dreams. Remind your struggling student that the difference between winning and losing is usually not giving up.