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6 Great Math Books For Book Lovers

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6 Great Math Books For Book Lovers

2018-08-02T23:36:52+00:00 Posted in About Education and Learning, Parent Advice by

If your child is an avid reader, and enjoys story telling, words and writing over math concepts and functions, these six books are must haves for their growing library. Combining their love for reading with various math concepts could be the secret to helping them develop a love and understanding for all things math!

For Young Readers:


Counting Crocodiles– This book has a “folktale” feel, and follows a “clever little monkey” and her adventures to a far away island, a trip that can only be made by crossing crocodile infested waters. The pictures are beautiful and the rhymes are silly and whimsical, and will keep the attention of young readers while exposing them to counting and number sequence. By Judy Sierra


Game Time– This book is great for soccer lovers, as it builds the suspense up to a championship soccer game between the Falcons and Huskies. With 9 seconds left, the game takes a dramatic turn! This book teaches time measurement as it explores the way that minutes turn into hours, days and week leading up the big game. The scoreboard on every page shows an analog clock with the time of day. The pictures are soft water colors, but each page is packed with action and fun! By Stuart J. Murphy


Bad Luck Brad– Brad hasn’t had a very good day. It started with oversleeping and grabbing the wrong breakfast. His day continues on a downward spiral until he understands that probability and statistics play a role ij each situation he encounters throughout the day. Bright colors and expressive illustrations will make this a favorite for young readers, even if they don’t fully understand the concept of probability, everyone can relate to having a rough day. By Gail Herman


For Older Readers

The Math Curse– this hilarious book will have middle school aged kids in hysterics, as a young school aged girl figures out how to break the dreaded “math curse.” This is a great read for students who are feeling a little overwhelmed with math concepts and just need a brain break. Written by  Jon Scieszka and Lane Smith

How Much Is A Million?- Students often have a hard time conceptualizing large numbers, as it can be hard to visualize a thousand gold balls or a million stars. This book features a math magician who uses colorful illustrations and humor to break down these large, intimidating numbers in a way that is easier for growing minds to grasp. Written by David M Schwartz 

Zero the Hero-This artistic and creative book helps readers understand the role the number zero plays in different math equations. “Zero” feels useless and unimportant, but then shows the rest of the numbers how valuable he really is by saving the day when other numbers find themselves in trouble. Written by Joan Holub  and Tom Lichtenheld


Consider getting one of these fun and educational books for the book lover on your holiday list. They may just turn into a math lover too!