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Exciting Math Lessons With A Deck Of Cards

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Exciting Math Lessons With A Deck Of Cards

2018-08-02T23:25:10+00:00 Posted in Primary School Learning by

Whether you are a parent looking to supplement your child’s education in a fun and easy way, a tutor looking for a unique way to keep your client’s engaged, check out these four games that will be fun and educational for students in the primary grade levels.


Make 10

Remove all face cards from a deck of playing cards and deal 12 cards, face up, out to each student. Have the students take turns using the numbered cards in different combinations to add up to 10 (Example: one 3 of hearts, one 2 of spades and a 5 of diamonds.) For a more advanced version of this game, pick a larger number and have students find cards that can be multiplied together to equal the selected number.


Quick Draw

This name can get kids loud and excited pretty quickly, but they’ll be having so much fun they won’t even know that they’re learning. Deal a deck of cards out to two students (or you and your child.) One player yells “DRAW!” and both players flip over their top card. The fist player to add the numbers together and shout out the sum wins the round, and collects the two cards. The person with the most cards wins.


What Number Am I?

Give the student(s) a numbered playing card and have them hold it up to their forehead, so they can’t see the number but everyone else can. Make sure they don’t see the number beforehand. Have them ask questions like “Is this number even?”

Or “can it be divided by 5?” The other students (or tutor/teacher) can only answer yes or no until the student guesses the number on their card correctly.


Toss Up

If making a mess isn’t a problem, this is a fun game for students to improve their addition skills. Have the students take three playing cards and throw them into the air. Every card that lands face up is a point, based on the number on the card. The first player to reach 50 (or 100 or 500) wins. Make the game a little more interesting by having the students subtract the cards that land face down.


Mix up the math class or tutoring session a little by incorporating these games that are fun, simple and educational.