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How Parents Can Help Tutoring?

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How Parents Can Help Tutoring?

The parents asked what they can do to help the student’s progress outside of my tuition time. Is there a standard response to this or do I suggest something particular for each student?

The answer lies in both of your proposed suggestions. There is indeed a response which would generally work for each student; however it would need to be tailored to cater for each individual student.

There are several things which you could recommend to the parents to help the student out of tuition time. Here are a few things below which will be able to get some ideas flowing.

Firstly, the most important skill students need to acquire is Time Management. Having good time management helps the student to plan their afternoons more effectively to balance between homework and co-curricular activities. Planning the student’s time will help to see a structured and methodical nature to study time, which will help to prevent time wastage, and ensure more time spent studying.

Secondly, another suggestion would be to ensure the student is focussed on the work-at-hand. Make sure distractions like mobiles, televisions, music, friends etc. are kept away from the student as they do their work. This will help to increase the efficiency of the time spent doing the study, as well as ensure the brain is only working on solving one thing at a time. Productivity will greatly increase when distractions are limited.

Thirdly, a ‘Homework diary’ can really help the student keep track of what homework is to be done each night, it helps for the student to write down what was learnt in class that day for each subject, and what the homework was. This helps the student to reflect on the more important academic lessons of each day.

Fourthly, ensure the students are periodically asking their teacher for help, and are seeing them either before or after school, or during lunch. Ensure they’re asking for extra assistance from the teacher also, in the form of extra worksheets or clarity on some classroom activities. Moreover, also make sure the student periodically is asking the teacher when the next exam is going to be-to make sure it doesn’t sneak up on them and they have time to prepare.

Fifthly, a ‘Study folder’ can be a great asset to any student when it comes to exam time. A study folder will be a 2 binder folder (or equivalent), with a lot of notes made during tutoring sessions. This limits wasted paper, and also allows the student to have a great resource when it comes to revising the areas they requested assistance in. Any extra work the student requests from the teacher could be added to this folder also. This helps the students to learn how to study efficiently for subjects, as they have an additional resource to peruse.

The list of things you can help parents to do is not exhaustive; primarily, a lot of the study skills the parents can impart to the students can be of great benefit to all avenues of academia.