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Maintaining A-Game Through Holidays

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Maintaining A-Game Through Holidays

2020-06-29T16:41:28+00:00 Posted in All Categories, Organizing Lessons by

In order to avoid starting the New Year with the student feeling very rusty with their work, tuition over the holidays can be a significant factor in the success of the student. The longer the student doesn’t revise the work from tutorials, the more of the work, techniques and study habits will be forgotten.

Consistent and regular tuition can be the key to attaining very high results, however in holidays we understand this isn’t always possible. However there are ways to ensure your student’s valuable learning and skill development isn’t forgotten through the holidays. Even with a smaller dose of tuition of academic practice, it helps to keep the student’s brain active over the holiday periods, so when they return to school, they can hit the ground running!

Learning momentum is hard to create with students, and very easy to lose. Therefore through holiday periods, it is recommended that tuition is maintained, even if it was once a fortnight or once every 3 weeks, just to maintain some consistency. If scheduling a lesson isn’t a possibility, then worksheets are available on our website.

It is always advisable to have an open line of communication with the tutor and the student, the most practical is using email. This way the student can keep in touch with the tutor to seek any further clarity upon math work, and the tutor can recommend some good learning techniques throughout the holidays.

Parents can be an asset to the student’s learning by encouraging worksheets or homework tasks to be done through the holidays. This helps the student by being motivated from several people, which incentivises the student to do the work. Creating a “Study-Schedule” can be a great way to structure study across the holidays so that each week the student is completing some set tasks to help improve their grades.

If you are taking a break from tuition for a while, then ensure you have planned a date to recommence tuition. This is to make sure that time is not wasted when the new term commences. Sometimes “I’ll contact you when I’m back” delays tuition by one or two weeks which negatively affects the student by leaving a larger time lag between sessions.

In a nutshell, the holidays provide an ideal opportunity for students to reflect on what they have learned in the last year and how they wish to improve further. Parents are called upon to help keep their child focused on the activities essential for propelling themselves toward their academic goals.

Happy holidays!