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Math Lovers Love Math Camps!

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Math Lovers Love Math Camps!

2018-08-02T01:44:19+00:00 Posted in About Education and Learning, Parent Advice by

Fosummer campr kids who are passionate about all things math, science and technology, educational camps may be an excellent way to give them even more exposure to the topics and subjects that they love. Many museums offer seasonal camps based on a variety of subjects, from astrology to computer science.

Math camps vary depending on the age of the campers, the location of the camp and where the camp is hosted. They can also be very costly, require extensive travel and time away from family. Sleep away camps allow kids to be fully immersed in the math or science field that interests them, and surrounds them with peers who share their love for planets or calculus or gigabytes.

There are programs like Young Scientists of Australia, which has four chapters based in Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney. The YSA is open to any person aged 14-26 with a passion for science. Australian National University hosts a two-week summer camp on their campus for mathematically gifted high school seniors.

Parents who are interested in sending their children abroad to study will fall in love with math camps in the US and Canada, and can also find plenty of programs and camps in the UK to inspire and challenge their mathematical minds.


One of the great things about math camps is that they understand the many different ways students learn, and most offer a variety of different learning styles to reach each individual student. Most camps give students a fun and hands on approach to learning, and expose them to “real life” scenarios where they can implement everything they are learning.

Parent and students can do a quick Internet search together to learn more about math camps near them, and students can also ask their classroom teachers for input and suggestions.

Sending a math loving student to one of these incredibly focused camps could be the next right step in pursuing their love, passion and future in mathematics.