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Ezy Math Tutoring’s admin office is located EZY Maths Tutors Melbourne widein Melbourne’s city center, just a short walk away from Southern Cross Railway Station, near the corner of Collins Street and Williams Street. At our offices tutors craft bespoke learning schedules and lesson plans tailored to the individual student.

Our home tutoring in Maths, English, physics and chemistry is second to none. Our expert tutors assist your child’s development in these subjects in the comfort of your own home. This creates a relaxed atmosphere that aids the child’s learning. Please also feel free to call us, at 1300 312 354, or reach out by email: info@ezymathtutoring.com.au. We look forward to hearing from you.

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More About Our Maths Tutors Melbourne

At Ezy Maths Tutoring we are best known for our uncompromising commitment to helping children who are struggling at school. We are passionate about seeing children succeed, no matter what their goal is. For some children, it’s about dealing with failing grades at school, for others, its lack of enjoyment at school, or difficulty moving from a C to a B. In some cases, our students should easily be getting higher grades, but are stopped by a gap in their learning, or haven’t been able to work out a way to move beyond what they already know.

At Ezy Maths Tutoring, we have created an environment that is welcoming, encouraging, and a completely safe to try new things. We believe that students will succeed when they feel confident in their abilities, and that confidence comes from a combination of skills-building and breaking through the areas where they feel uncertain.

EZY Math, Melbourne - Your maths tutors Melbourne experts

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What We Do

An initial free session: This is where we sit down with you and your child and discover what it is that your child needs to feel successful again. From here, we tailor their tutoring sessions to suit them.

Tutoring sessions: After your free session, we match your child up with a tutor who can work with them – someone who can work with their subject areas and is a good personality fit to make sure your child is working to their full potential

Subjects: Students work on any number of subjects depending on their needs. Our tutors can help with maths, English, physics, chemistry, essay-writing, exam preparation, study skills and comprehension.

Tutors: Tutors are trained in working with the needs of children of different ages and abilities. Information about our tutors is available on our website, and tutors range in skills including maths, science and English, young children and VCE specialities.

Each child we meet has their own unique needs. Some of our students are already determined and conscientious – they are looking to improve their marks and abilities. Other students come to us will little of the basic maths skills needed. Others lack confidence and get worried about going to school. During your free tutoring session, we discuss your child’s goals, and look at what they need to be able to achieve an effective tutoring plan.

At Ezy Maths Tutoring we are committed to finishing each session with every one of our students smiling! Our approach makes study fun, and because children are having a good time, they become motivated to learn. We’ve helped children improve their marks, feel better about school, and tackle big exams.

At Ezy Maths Tutoring we work with children who have lots of different needs. We specialise in helping children who aren’t performing to their full potential. Naturally, this varies from child to child!

Primary and High School Students

Some students need a hand to catch up in maths, reading, writing, or a combination of all three. Some children have anxiety about their school-work, while others have lost their desire to learn. Sometimes this shows up as poor grades at school. We help children who are struggling academically, but also those who have lost focus, motivation or confidence.

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High Achievers

For some students, keeping up with the class is under-performing. These children need to be extended and challenged to meet their potential. Our tutors have helped children to reach their true potential in a range of situations, including children wanting to practice their writing, or get a head-start on high school maths. We have resources available for these children, and will always welcome students who want to challenge themselves academically.

Because our approach to tutoring is tailored to each student, we can set work to encourage each child to work to their level – often beyond their own expectations!

Why Use Maths Tutors Melbourne?

At Ezy Maths Tutoring our maths tutors Melbourne:
• Promote learning
• Make learning easy and enjoyable
• Develop strong study habits
• Raise academic performance
• Increases confidence and motivation in the chosen subject

EZY Math, Melbourne - Your maths tutors Melbourne experts

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When you’re looking for maths tutors in Melbourne, trust the experienced and qualified educators at Ezy Maths Tutoring to provide quality tuition that meets the student’s needs. Our maths tutors will plan their lessons to reflect the current Victorian curriculum.

From primary level to high school students looking to improve their grades, to a Year 12 students getting ready for their VCE exams; our professional maths tutors have the essential teaching experience to cater to suit each individual student’s preferred learning style.

We uphold the uniqueness of each student’s learning process by facilitating a friendly, enjoyable and intimate learning environment to create dynamic one-on-one learning. The benefits of one-on-one private tuition are the fact that efforts can be concentrated solely towards the needs and pace of each individual student. Each lesson is individualised to the student’s requirements and prepared prior to the session.