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Tutoring with Ezymaths has been a great experience for me. When I joined two years ago I thought I wouldn't last the first month let alone the next two years. It's amazing how organised the company is and how much help you receive as a new tutor. I joined the company to earn some extra cash and the benefits of learning about teaching were a bonus. Ezymath tutoring is a network of students, teachers and tutors who share information to improve the way we teach our children. Every student has a different way of learning and learns at a different pace. The benefit of gaining a tutor through a company means there is no single mind teaching your child. The collective advice and experience of the tutors within the company allows us to teach your children in the most effective possible manner. I personally have gained great experience to put on my resume and nothing is more pleasing there to see a child improve their education and confidence to push themselves further in life. If you are considering a position at the company or just looking for some extra help for your child you won't find a better class of trained tutors. Krystina, 9th January 2013
I would certainly recommend Ezymath to prospective students. Having a tutor who is close in location and able to work at developing a relationship with each individual student can greatly assist students in discovering how to succeed in maths. I would also strongly recommend Ezymath's professional development activities and CEP modules to other prospective tutors. I have appreciated the important learning lessons within the CEP modules and have applied this to my tutoring and used it to help my students. It has also been fantastic to develop relationships with my students and their parents over the past year and a half. In this time I have seen my students grow personally and academically. One particular grade 7 student I have seen progress from low B's to high A's within the time I have been tutoring him. However, my greatest achievement during the time I have been tutoring is to have helped my two current students to realise just how much hard work they need to put in to do their very best with maths. Both of these students have seen considerable improvements in their results as we have developed habits such as regularly completing revision quizzes, developing key memory pegs & triggers to remember strategies and rules. Once my students discovered that practicing such techniques and putting in so much regular revision time improved their results, they were more motivated and determined to continue putting in such efforts to keep improving their marks. Jessamyn, 18th December 2012
It has been a pleasure working for Ezy Math Tutoring. I've never seen an organisation (for lack of a better word) so dedicated and organised. I came to work for Ezy Math Tutoring because of two reasons: my prior experience with tutoring and my need for a part-time job. I sought to utilise my abilities and help out students who wanted my help. My biggest accomplishment would be to see my students, grow in their studies and become more confident. I was exceedingly happy to be able to have facilitated his academic and personal growth. Ezy Math Tutoring is unlike any other tutoring service in that it really tries to present the highest calibre of tutors and constantly motivate and mould them to become even better tutors. In turn, this represents a higher success rate with students and as such, everyone is satisfied. I would recommend EMT to both fellow tutors and prospective parents/students alike. My time at Ezy Math Tutoring has been great and I wish the company, its tutors and its students well for the future. Shirley, 6th December 2012
Working with ezymath tutoring has made me learn a lot about management in general. The working and organizing of the entire organisation proves the efficiency of ezymath. As a tutor, everyday was a learning experience. I grew with the students in so many ways of understanding, analysing, learning and believing that each of my students could achieve their goal. Ezymath has always been a constant support. Gene especially has been very understanding during my term as a tutor. The striking quality of this organisation was the flexibility, the management never interfered in the weekly organisation of the tutorials and was completely left up to the tutor and student's availability. Ezymath also puts in great effort by monitoring the progress of not just the students but tutor's as well. Every fortnight is monitored with feedbacks and different learning modules benefiting both the tutor and student. Finally, it's a great place for tutors and students. Both their needs are catered to with much understanding. Had a great time working. Vaish, 4th December 2012
Being a tutor at Ezy Tutoring was a great experience. I was able to gain confidence in my ability to help students improve their skills and my ability to help them gain confidence. Estephanie, 29th November 2012
I consider improvements in Maths Test results as my biggest accomplishments while working for EzyMath Tutoring. Whether it be by 10, 20, or 50% improvements it is vital that students strive to a higher standard in both their effort and application to the subject. Students should have goals that are realistic of what they want to achieve in Mathematics. Small goals make a big difference in the overall success in this subject. Whether it be to get a 50% pass mark in the next Mathematics Assessment is much better than getting 43%.  I came to work for the company mainly for the tutoring experience. I have a high school teaching background so it was important for me to branch out into different areas and have a look at more 1 to 1 tutoring which can help develop further my high school teaching career. Tutoring has taught me different teaching strategies that I can implement into the classroom. The Learning Modules in particular was a great resource in reaffirming some of my initial ideas and concepts that I had with the subject. It is a great tool for both tutors and students to be able to understand the complexities in Mathematics and its differentiation from other subjects such as English, History and Science.  I would highly recommend this tutoring company to anyone willing to invest money into making improvements in Mathematics learning. The website is comprehensive and has alot of great resources for both tutors, students, and anyone interested in the subject. The worksheets are a great addition which I have found useful, and would be great use for teachers in the classroom. Overall it has been a positive experience. I believe that we can never stop learning as educators, and it is great to see good people investing alot of time and energy into making teaching and learning in Mathematics more fun, engaging, and innovative. Tevita, 3rd November 2012
Working for Ezy Math Tutoring was different than I thought it would be. I had tutored privately before and I thought it would be pretty much the same deal, but its really not. Working for Ezy Math was great because, every fortnight I was presented with new ideas or stratergies to help my students and there was always the support and room for feedback in every aspect of the Job. When I applied for the job, I was tossing up the idea of maybe becoming a teacher sometime in my career, and working for Ezy Math has made that decision a lot easier. Tutoring is really one of the most rewarding jobs I can imagine doing, as you can literally see the kids begin to get confident and start to surprise themselves with what they know. I would recommend Ezy Math Tutoring as a very well conducted and professional organisation. I feel that working for Ezy Math was a great experience. Jacob, 4th October 2012
As an Ezy Math tutor, I was especially confident that I could bring positive results to my students. This was because they gave me a great teaching framework to work within, with which I could incorporate my own methods. My greatest accomplishments working with Ezy Math were without doubt the moments when my students were able to overcome certain learning difficulties to produce excellent results. This was often achievable through a simple reorganisation of their work habits and thinking processes. I would highly recommend Ezy Math tutoring to prospective tutors or clients. Ben, 29th September 2012
I've thoroughly enjoyed my time with Ezy Math, it's been both a great learning and worthwhile experience for me. Outstanding organisation and a great company to work for! Amanda, 20th September 2012
Hi everyone… i am a former tutor at Ezy Math Tutoring. I worked as a tutor while enrolled as a student at the University of Wollongong. The selection process for entering the EzyMath Tutoring team was meticulous and involved a written exam as well as an interview. I can honestly say that the recruitment staff at EzyMath Tutoring team takes utmost care to select only the best candidates who have proven record in mathematics. EzyMath Tutoring gave me a wonderful opportunity to coach younger students not only in the subject of Mathematics but also Chemistry, Biology and Physics. The fortnightly Continuous Education Program (CEP) modules helped me become not only a better tutor but also a better student. The modules on self-belief, the different types of learning styles were interesting, intriguing and informative. EzyMath Tutoring has my highest recommendations for prospective tutors as well as prospective clients. 18th August 2012 Bibush
I came on board as a tutor, when I was looking for a part-time job to support my post-graduate studies. I felt tutoring was a great way to utilise the skills I had in mathematics while working with someone to help improve themselves and develop my own skill set at the same time. It was personal development on multiple levels. The tutoring experience at EzyMath was very unique - because the focus was on helping the student develop learning skills, that could be applied outside of mathematics. This was very appealing to me because I feel it's important to teach skills that enable others to learn themselves. The weekly material provided by EzyMath was extremely thought-provoking and always had a practical application. My biggest accomplishment was definitely becoming friend and mentor to my student. We were able to discuss issues outside of the normal day to day work, and I was able to understand the interests and learning capabilities of my student. This was invaluable to for developing a good working relationship thereby enabling me to structure my lessons with more intent overtime. Overall, I found that working for EzyMath was both challenging and extremely satisfying. I learned a great deal about different types of learning methods, teaching methods and the skills it takes to deal with other people. If you are looking for an engaging experience where you can make a positive contribution to other students, then working at EzyMath is definitely for you! 9th August 2012 Sandeep
My biggest accomplishment is guiding a year 12 student through the final topics of 2 Unit mathematics and making her understand the concepts and formulas in those topics. My second biggest accomplishment is my year 8 student receiving an A. I came to work for Ezy Math Tutoring because I wanted an income while studying in University. What I got out of the tutoring experience is that I have increased my communication skills as well as my teaching skills. I also gained experience in being responsible. What was special about Ezy Math Tutoring were the guidelines that were given to us. They were good on guiding how to set each lesson, what to expect and how to handle certain situations. 3rd August 2012 Addison
There are many accomplishments I achieved as a math tutor for Ezy Math Tutoring but the biggest would have to be having the chance to work with students who are striving for success and the satisfaction that came with connecting to the students when trying to explain a topic, whether they be a senior student working toward a good Overall Position or a beginner grasping for understanding in the subject of mathematics. From the tutoring experience during my time with Ezy Math Tutoring, I was able to achieve exactly what I was after while job hunting, and that was the ability to take on a leadership role and lead students from stressful situations of not understanding content to successful results within a few months time. I would definitely recommend working with Ezy Math Tutoring as they take the effort in assigning students within your area so travelling to students is not an issue, and for the students looking for tutors, the tutors here will offer you as much help as you need, with set strategies proven to be successful to help you reach where you want to be. 31st July 2012 Kevin
Ezymaths is a great place to work as tutors are provided with the combination of independence and assistance needed to further any students' education. 30th July 2012 Tutor
Ezy Math Tutoring provided me with a lot of support, resources and training during my time working for them. I found teaching the students very rewarding and seeing the improvement in results really made it worth it. I would definitely recommend Ezy Math Tutoring for both prospective clients and fellow tutors as each will benefit greatly from this service. 23rd July 2012 Liza
Ezy Math Tutoring is a company that I would comfortably work with again as it provided me with the opportunity to work with students commited to improving in the classroom. Ezy Math Tutoring is not only a company that aims to help students with their mathematics but goes above and beyond to help clients with their general student careers, through the Continuing Education Program modules that tutors are asked to go through with their students on a regular basis. I liked the purpose they served. Ezy Math Tutoring finds great importance in informing the parents about their childs progress. The monthly progress reports help busy parents keep up to date with the work being covered and the overall progress of their child, which was the main attraction for me. If you are seeking a professional service that provides results I would highly reccomend Ezy Math Tutoring to any of the parents and prospective tutors out there. 22nd July 2012 David
My biggest accomplishment: Great kid in grade 4, energetic and fun to tutor, although lacked concentration and confidence in maths. I showed him simple maths tricks that no curriculum teaches (e.g. how to figure out 11 times tables to any number). He understood it well, but the biggest boost he had was the confidence he got from knowing something the other kids didn't. He started to enjoy maths a lot more and his scores and attitude improved. His care givers were very happy about it. I got a big kick from steering him in the right direction and I hope he carries on this confidence in all his endevours. With Ezy Math, what I felt was great were the weekly tutoring tips/themes. It helped a lot in knowing that there are many different approaches to many different kids' habits/attitudes (e.g. as above, just confidence boosting can greatly improve a child's performance). It was also great in having that as a tool to keep in touch and keep learning as the job progresses. 21st July 2012 Daniel
The biggest accomplishment any math tutor can have (myself including) is seeing the student progress, knowing that they understand and have the confidence to complete any task/question without fear. The key skills I got from math tutoring is being able to effectively communicate in a mentor manner. This is an essential skill for progression in almost every career path, as most careers will require you to train a new colleague, manage a team, or oversee a project, etc. I would strongly recommend Ezy math tutoring to anyone, they are professionals who strive to achieve the goals each student has in progressing towards understanding mathematics. 20th July 2012 Charlie
Throughout my employment I received many helpful pieces of information from Ezy Math Tutoring, which detailed clever teaching strategies and techniques to help my students achieve their best. Using lesson plans to organise and prepare for my lessons is something that I was encouraged to do by Ezy Math Tutoring, which I hadn't used with students previous to my time with this company. This was very helpful both for me to have a clearer idea of my goal for each lesson, and also for my students to better understand what our aims were each week. During my employment it was evident that Ezy Math Tutoring always sought the satisfaction and best for its students as well as its tutors. It was a pleasure to work with this company. 19th July 2012 Alexander
Working with Ezy Math Tutoring was great because all tutors are continuously supported in various ways. It is not only a teaching experience but also a learning experience. Tutors gain skills through work, weekly training and materials online. The continuous communication between tutors, students, parents and Ezy Math Tutoring is very important and valuable. 19th July 2012 Tutor
With an interest in communicating the knowledge i've learnt, I looked towards tutoring. It was an opportunity to not only help student learning from personal experience, but improve upon the knowledge of subjects I'm interested in. With encouragement and providing opportunities to improve tutoring skills, Ezy Math tutoring was a perfect place to start my tutoring career. 18th July 2012 Hari
Working with Ezy Math Tutoring has given me the opportunity to excel students skills and capability in mathematics. The biggest accomplishment as a tutor is seeing a student's face light up when the solve a problem. It makes me proud to see that students have responded well to my teaching methods and that they attain a sense of satisfaction from learning. I came to ezy maths tutoring to meet new people and gain further experience working with eager students. Ezy maths tutoring has taught me patience, understanding and to sincerely enjoy teaching and learning. I would recommend Ezy maths tutoring to individuals who are eager and determined to develop a more thorough understanding of mathematics and develop an appreciation of the subject and the tutors hard work. 18th July 2012 Tutor
Thank you for allowing me to be a maths tutor at Ezy Math Tutoring, it was an incredibly beneficial experience for me. 11th November 2011 Gary
Working for Ezy Math Tutoring has given me confidence as a maths tutor. I began without much formal experience and the CEP program was able to teach me as i tutored. The company was very helpfull and whenever I had questions about dealing with problems they suggested ways to resolve them - i was able to help many students with this support. thanks. 24th September 2011 Nick
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