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Working with Ezymath tutoring was a challenging and rewarding journey that benefited me a great deal.  The organisation is run to a very professional standard, and this can't help but rub off on the tutors it employs.  I encountered a range of challenging scenarios with Ezymath from tutoring a year two boy with learning difficulties such as ADHD to helping a girl through 2 unit maths towards her completing the HSC.  Throughout the experience, Ezymath endeavors to improve their tutors skills via series of well thought out modules that consolidate essential skills and enlighten upon some less well known elements of teaching. I would recommend Ezymath to tutors beginning their quest in the field of education and to students/parents seeking a thoroughly professional tutoring service.
I loved my experience as a tutor! Being a tutor at Ezy Math taught me priceless communication and interpersonal skills. It was a very rewarding experience to see my students learn and improve on their studies over the year, and Ezy Math always gave me the teaching support whenever I needed it. The hours were flexible and easy to schedule in around my other commitments.
I came to work for Ezy Math towards the end of my first year of university to gain more experience for my degree and resume, and to keep an on-going job with other jobs which came and went over the years. I was able to deal with various teaching and learning situations which have informed the way I deal with students in the classroom. I'm much more articulate and authoritative when dealing with potentially difficult situations. In terms of expectations, I'm able to plan, organise and set expectations of students' goals as a result of some bad experiences which, overall, have contributed to my own skills as a teacher/tutor. I would recommend Ezy Math to students who need help. To other tutors, sometimes it may be tough, and students may be difficult, but overall the experience is great and you'll learn a lot about being an independent worker and developing interpersonal skills which you'll need for future jobs and later years of university. It is particularly rewarding with students - seeing improvements about the way they view and approach Math as a subject, and even enjoying it as a subject. For clients, Ezy Math tutors will work with you to help your child's needs. In the long term, I know that the process of tutoring with Ezy Math should assist or allow you to better understand your child's learning needs.   Overall,  Ezy Math gave me starting experience which over the years has lead to other jobs. Now I continue to private tutor, and work with particular tutoring companies which cater to selective school students. I started as a first year and now I'm in 4th year honours student. I think that Ezy Math is a great way to start off and a great way to learn responsibility and job balance as a first, second or even third year university student.
I initially chose to work for EzyMath tutoring so that I could earn some extra money while attending university. The company most appealed to me with its flexible hours, and a clear idea of letting the tutor be in control of his own work. You could work as many hours as you wanted, and truly develop a personal relationship with your clients. The weekly modules provided by EzyMath ensured that I myself developed and learned along the way. For me, the greatest accomplishment was the transition into a fully coordinated and confident tutor in a manner of weeks. EzyMath truly turned me into a successful tutor who had a great relationship with his students. It was especially amazing to see that the people I taught were even a little upset when I could no longer continue working. Overall, I definitely recommend working for the company to any people who want to mature into successful tutors. Any parents who want their children to learn in a friendly yet structured environment; as well as working with someone who they can truly rely on should definitely contact EzyMath tutoring! I'm very grateful for this experience and all you help. Good luck to the company for all of its future endeavours.
I loved working as a tutor with Ezy Math. The office contacted me regularly with prospective students and rewarded me with great pay. It was great to see how a student's approach to knowledge changes when others invest in them. Being a tutor was great preparation for office work, as it helped me learn several forms of effective communication, relevant for different types of people.  
Working with you guys was very fun and exciting. I got to learn a lot from it. Getting to know and meeting different students built up my communication and teaching skills. My biggest achievement was teaching a student who hated maths and making them love it. it was a time of hardship, but I never gave up . The student always felt that she couldn't do well and that she will always hate maths. I decided to challenge myself that no matter what I will surely make this student reach the top level. Slowly the effort rose and I was proud of myself that I was capable of teaching my students to love maths and always never lose hope. Ezymath tutoring was one thing I wanted to work with because it provided resources, flexible timings and balanced schedule. I  never had any problems with rescheduling as you guys were flexible. Tutoring has made me experience and reveal my inner most teaching skills and communication skills. I can approach a problem from the student's perspective, which helps in identifying faults in understanding. Students gradually gained confidence over months and I was finally confident that they would be ready for any tough problems. I enjoyed working with you and I will recommend you to fellow tutors and prospective clients.
Working at EzyMath Tutoring is really rewarding. I have been able to work with students to build their confidence and evolve them into independent learners. You build relationships and trust with students so they feel comfortable with you - even if it is saying they don't understand! It's amazing to see them improve their maths skills with increased confidence. Even better is seeing them smile and light up with excitement when they tell you of their great achievements at school.
I enjoyed working with the team and I found tutoring with EzyMath Tutoring to be an incredibly rewarding experience. I would recommend any high school or primary school student to request tutoring through EzyMath Tutoring as I believe the staff organises tutoring incredibly well and provide an incredible amount of educational material to EzyMath Tutoring tutors. I would personally thank you for all your help and encouragement throughout the program.
I came to work with Ezymath because it looked like a reputable company and I was interested in tutoring maths. I feel overall like my time with my students has been a great improvement in their learning ability and my teaching ability. Ezymath was good to work with and also accommodating, I would recommend Ezymath to both other tutors and prospective clients.
After spending two years as a tutor with Ezy Math Tutoring I can only report positive experiences with the agency. Ezy Math was always professional, timely and willing to help with any queries or problems. Working with such a personalized and helpful company only enriched the already fulfilling experience of being a tutor. I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Ezy Math Tutoring to any prospective tutors or students.

What they say about our tutoring

Connor has improved so much this year, his confidence, organization & overall results have come from a C to a A. I'm not going to do any tutoring through the holidays or for next year as I'm prepared for Connor to put everything into practice and hope that he can maintain his results without the tutoring. I have been happy with Ezymathtutoring and if Connor was to start to struggle again…
Yes we are very happy with Alexander – Ruby is a hard task master but seems very comfortable with him and happy for him to keep coming back each week.
Sam has been a fantastic tutor for Annalise, she has improved and was very proud of her end of year results at school.
Aisling is great with Roger, she is strict yet fairand keeps him on his toes. Roger's passion for school has improve since having 1 on 1 sessions with Aisling.
Very happy with the tutoring.
Stefan is good and I am very happy with him.
I would like to thank you for allowing me the opportunity to tutor this year. I have mentored a bunch of wonderful kids who have all made great improvements with their grades and work ethic. In addition, I have seen them become more and more confident with each lesson which has been incredibly rewarding.
Just wanted to let you know that we have been super happy with Ben as a tutor for Callum.
Thank you very much. Georgette was a great tutor for him.
The tutoring is going quite well. We were really impressed with his proactive approach in asking for her naplan results and course outline from her teacher so he work in line with what she will be learning in class.

Our philosophy to teaching is based upon a firm belief that every child can succeed at maths or any other subject, given the proper encouragement, motivation and tools. We believe that a tutor’s …


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