Success Stories

Working with Ezy Math tutoring has been an excellent learning opportunity due to the amount of time and energy the company invests into ensuring you can improve as a tutor. I highly recommend EzyMath Tutoring to any tutors who are actively seeking to improve their tutoring skills. Hugh, 28th March 2014
I think one of the most valuable things I got out of working with Ezy Math is the skills I developed through being a tutor. I was learning a great deal by teaching others, gaining valuable and relevant skills such as effective communication, leadership, management and organisation. It was also extremely rewarding to witness my students progress and gain confidence over the course of tutoring them. Jennifer, 20th March 2014
I came to Ezy Math to get a job that I would be able to gain a range of skills from while working in my own time, which turned out great as I was able to work with clients around my own schedule. I've been quite happy with the results of my tutoring, I had a student who was getting a 'C' on average up to the top of the class with consistent 'A's. It's really great seeing the work you do affect others and when you do a good job, it really shows. I would recommend Ezy Math Tutoring to other prospective tutors, I never encountered a single problem with them and if I ever needed information, resources or help, they were always able to provide it to me. I would also recommend Ezy Math Tutoring to clients as having Ezy Math as a support structure definitely makes the work easier. Josh, 3rd March 2014
I came to work with Ezymaths because I knew I would get a wide range of students to tutor, which would undoubtedly improve my tutoring skill as well as communications skills (dealing with students and parents). The biggest accomplishment would be when my student's mark improved significantly and she moved up to the upper maths class in the next semester. I felt very proud of my students when they remembered the skills I taught them last week and used those skills to complete their homework and also to apply to other similar questions. The CEPs and various resources were useful. Thank you for your support for the past year! Jess, 14th February 2014
I would recommend  working with Ezy Math for any prospective tutor. The work is very satisfying. Maths can be a difficult subject for anybody, and when you can show someone an easier, systematic way to solve one of their problems the students really appreciate the help. Tom, 13th February 2014
I've been working with Ezy Math Tutoring for the best part of 3 years and I can truly say it has been an honour to work with such a supportive and caring group of people. My students and their families have welcomed me with open arms and made me feel like I was making a difference. Ezy Math always made working with them a breeze, ensuring that my needs and the needs of my students were accommodated for. I have recommended Ezy Math to fellow tutors in the past and shall continue to do so in the future. I would like to thank Ezy Math for all their support over the years and I look forward to many more successful tutoring relationships. Avi, 10th February 2014
EzyMath tutoring is the ideal way to enter into the highly competitive field of personal tuition. Through their Continuing Education Program and extensive support I was able to greatly expand my capacity to educate students. I would highly recommend Ezymath to both new and more experienced tutors as a way of acquiring new clients, and the professional nature of the company ensures a cohesive match for all parties involved. Alex, 6th February 2014
I believe my biggest accomplishment has been to raise the grades of my students from the average levels to the above-average, since it reflects the fact that all students have the potential for great talent with hard work and practice. I came to work with Ezy Math Tutoring to pass on the positive experience that comes from having a good tutor in a challenging subject. From my experience, I re-learned how to teach others ideas, concepts and facts through various established and self-made techniques, which I can apply to my own studies with my fellows and peers. I also got into the discipline of keeping reports, records and other documentation, an important skill for any career. Having uni students as tutors allows for a more recent and up-to-date understanding of school-level subjects, as well as a greater understanding of the challenges involved and strategies to beat them. I would recommend Ezy Math Tutoring to uni students who want to keep their maths skills sharp, enhance some valuable skills, and earn some pocket money as well. Kyle, 17th January 2014
As a tutor, I found Ezy Math tutoring to be absolutely excellent. It was so convenient to be matched with students in my local area. The training modules were both interesting and useful, and it really made me think about what I could do to provide the best possible tutoring service. Anonymous, 9th January 2014
I really did get enjoyment out of helping the students understand theory that they didn't before, and it was satisfying each time they said "I get it now". I would recommend Ezy math tutoring to other tutors as they are very professional and they locate students that are close by to your home to reduce travel time. The interview process is very professional, leading to the quality of tutors of a high caliber. Denis, 10th December 2013
Working for EzyMath tutoring gave me a sense of strong responsibility and a feeling of accomplishment. I felt as though I had not only taken up a teaching role, but a mentoring role as well. The staff are there to help if you need it as well as a strong community of colleagues to access for support. I would recommend EzyMath tutoring to any clients and fellow tutors. Luca, 3rd December 2013
Joining the team at EzyMathTutoring means having the support throughout the teaching period. I choose EzyMathTutoring because of the resources and agency it has to give tutors and students the best support it can. It helped me learn that education isn't just answering the right question but to let students find the answers on their own. The structure and training given to me were clearly aimed and flexible enough to apply to different situations that might arise during tutoring. The focus on learning strategies continue to form my experience when helping my students gain confidence and success. Jenna, 28th November 2013
I found Ezy Math is very supportive of their tutors. There are fortnightly feedback forms that make sure you're going okay with everything while tutoring. The company does supply you with teaching resources that you may need and offers to teach students are always incoming. Tutoring will definitely develop your communication and skills in dealing with people. I highly recommend other tutors to take a look at Ezy Math. Kieth, 26th November 2013
Ezy Math tutoring gave me an invaluable opportunity and experience. With fortnightly advice, support and materials I was able to give my all to my students. The reward being an invaluable satisfaction when the mother heard from my students' teacher that her work was really improving. I really enjoyed the experience and always left the students feeling like I had made a change. For prospective tutors I would say Ezy Maths is a great place to work, they provide plenty of materials, support and the staff are very co-operative and understanding about your needs Wendy, 24th October 2013
Maths tutoring testimonialsI certainly feel as if I've learnt a great deal from Ezy Math. The ongoing education and support has been invaluable, and the entire process has inspired to pursue teaching as an actual career. I certainly think that tutors are well treated and Ezy Math Tutoring is a great place for tutors to start out. Christian, 19th August 2013
Ezy Math is one of the most professional tutoring agencies I have worked for. The time and effort it put into it’s tutors and the feedback they provide to students and their families is to be admired. Tutoring is a very rewarding experience. Being able to see those precious “Ahh” moments daily is a gift.   Nathan, 30th July 2013
The tutoring process through Ezy Math follows predetermined guidelines and criteria that enables a rewarding experience for both the tutor and student and provides adequate assistance for steady student learning. Ben, 11th July 2013
I have greatly enjoyed my time that I have spent as a tutor for Ezy Math Tutoring, and a large reason for this have been the structures they provide for tutoring sessions and the way they equip tutors through training. It lays a solid foundation for tutors and students who may be unsure about the art of tutoring and allows both parties to hit the ground running and utilise sessions efficiently. I would recommend them to potential tutors and clients in a heartbeat. Neil, 16th May 2013
        - My biggest accomplishment while working with Ezymaths would be when my latest student came to me one lesson with her latest test score and a giant smile on her face. She told me how proud her teacher was at how much she had improved. Why you came to work with Ezy Math Tutoring? - I wanted to start tutoring with Ezymaths because I love to help people learn and I love maths. When I was in high school I helped many of my friends who would struggle in maths and loved the feeling of knowing I had helped them understand and even start to enjoy maths. This made me want to tutor and Ezymaths was recommended to me by Melbourne University. What you got out of the tutoring experience? - I have gained confidence in teaching young students, satisfaction that I am helping others and have learnt a lot about how different students learn in different ways and adjusting your teaching method can help a lot. Anything you felt was special about Ezy Math Tutoring - Ezymaths Tutoring is really well structured; the fortnightly CEP feedback forms teach tutors a lot about how to tutor better and help to expand their teaching methods, they always ask how you're going and help with any problems a tutor has, and the people are friendly and easy to talk to. Would you recommend us? To fellow tutors? To prospective clients? - I would definitely recommend Ezymaths Tutoring. Breana, 14th May 2013
The biggest accomplishment while working with EzyMath? / What was gained from the tutoring experience? This would have to be the week to week and month to month satisfaction of developing a relationship with a student and the satisfaction in seeing their confidence as well as their marks ever-increasing. It's gratifying to be able to quantify the effort both the student and the tutor have dedicated to building a mathematical foundation for years to come. The marks don't lie! The fact that EzyMath selects students within a 10-15 minute drive is a bonus, and the access to materials and a forum for asking questions is supportive for those starting out in the area of education. Eliza, 13th May 2013
Working with Ezymath has allowed me to develop my interpersonal skills through the interaction with different students and parents. Through tutoring, I have learnt to become more patient and understanding when it comes to other people's needs. I have also been able to improve my communication skills as well. My time at Ezymath tutoring has been a great learning experience, whereby I've had fun dealing with different students. Ezymath has been very flexible and accommodating in regards to my tutoring employment. Thea, 6th May 2013
I applied to work at Ezy Math Tutoring because I was looking for a job that could give me teaching experience. Not only do Ezy Math provide this through the tutoring but they also give ongoing tutor learning modules to keep you thinking about different aspects of your tutoring and to help you keep improving as a tutor. They are dedicated to ensuring that their tutors are constantly improving and this is fantastic for both the tutor and the client! I appreciate the skills I have learned as my time as a tutor and am thankful for their support that they give me. Belinda, 1st May 2013
I think my biggest accomplishment while working with Ezy Maths was motivating my students to believe in themselves and try their best. I came to work with Ezy Math Tutoring because I wanted to gain an experience in teaching others as this would help develop my own leadership and organizational skills. I think that I gained a lot of confidence in guiding others and helping them believe in themselves. What's special about Ezy Math Tutoring is that they help guide you along the way while giving you the freedom of developing your own teaching skills and techniques. Jen, 12th April 2013
my biggest accomplishment would have to be taking a student to his HSC last year with him achieving an outcome higher than he expected, and allowing him to enter into the uni course he wanted. To see his maths ability improve over the years was really rewarding. I learnt a lot about how different people learn and what it takes to get a message or idea across to different personalities. I also learnt how to communicate with different ages, especially the younger students. I really like that I was able to have somewhat of a person relationship with the clients, communication etc wasnt always directed through the company, and it gave both me and the clients flexibility in times of need. I feel it also benefitted the relationship I had with clients. I would definitely recommend Ezy Math, I have previously recommended them to future clients. And any tutors looking for work I would definitely recommend them working through Ezy Math. Lauren, 1st March 2013
I decided to look for work as a tutor as I had time to spare and "fresh" knowledge that I thought I could share with students who wanted to do better. After being hired by two companies simultaneously, one being Ezy Math Tutoring, I would only have time to work for one of them. The decision to chose this company was easy as Ezy Math Tutoring provided greater support for its tutors. This included better pay, feedback, education on how to become a great tutor and a friendly group of people who were there to contact if I had any queries or if I needed help. The best thing about being a tutor was that I was able to dramatically improve the clients and their child's outlook on their education within a few weeks just by being there and providing a familiar face that knew how to help. I would definitely recommend Ezy Math Tutoring to any aspiring tutors and I thank them for the privilege of working as a tutor for the business. Joshua, 10th February 2013
Being a tutor with EzyMath made tutoring students to be successful, a really comfortable and structured process. This is because as a tutor we are continually being updated on effective teaching methods through the CEP and have support throughout tutor forums. It ensures the greatest success potential for studnets. Georgianna, 31st January 2013
Ezy Math Tutoring is a great company that provides a terrific experience for their tutors. They have great support and offer plenty of training to prepare you for any situation you might find yourself in. I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking to tutor. Josh, 31st January 2013
Tutoring for EzyMath has been a rewarding and satisfying experience. It enabled me to develop my leadership and communication skills which are important ... The resources that EzyMath provided me with were excellent and made it easy when it came to selecting questions to work through. I have no hesitations in recommending EzyMath Tutoring to students who need some personalised help. Brendan, 30th January 2013
For establishing tutors, Ezy Math provides a solid support base to springboard them into the market. Not only does it take out the stress of sourcing and securing clients, but the CEP modules ensure the constant engagement of the learning styles of the tutor, and make it clear that all manner of support is available for those who need it. This programme really sets Ezy Math apart from other services, and allows tutors to blossom into confident, experienced mentors. The in-home service really does provide a unique experience for clients, which they truly appreciate. It also helps to make a clear distinction in students’ minds between the lessons offered at school, to the very different style of education tutors have to produce. For all prospective tutors, Ezy Math is a great way to grow comfortable within the industry. Through the guidance of Ezy Math it has been a joy to watch students develop a real confidence because of my tutelage. Alex, 23rd January 2013
My experience with ezymaths was one like a rollercoaster that ended on a high note. What's special about ezymaths is that you will find support and there will be teaching material and teaching strategies available if you get stuck. Overall, as a tutor, you will learn a lot more than you will expect. Anita, 18th January 2012
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