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High School Maths Tutoring

What’s new in high school maths?

high school maths tutoring

Dealing with numbers of all types and sizes including using scientific notations and working with index laws. Consumer arithmetic will cover simple interest, compound interest, discounts and depreciation. Theoretical probability is also a new topic here. Transition from numbers to algebraic expressions and words. Linear and quadratic equations as well as linear inequalities. Coordinate geometry of line graphs, parabolas and hyperbolas. Cumulative frequency tables, polygons and curves as well as solving for mean, median, mode, range and standard deviation. Measurements of perimeters, areas, surface areas and volumes of solid shapes and composite figures. Trigonometry of angles and triangles as well as construction of proofs. Trigonometric ratios and functions. Calculus (differentiation and integration) and its application in other areas of maths and real world problems.

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Main content of high school maths

The content of high school maths is so wide that it is hard to pinpoint the main contents. However, key areas include working with numbers and algebraic expressions, consumer arithmetic, statistical analyses, coordinate geometry, trigonometry of solid shapes and trigonometric functions as well as constructions of proofs. Core to high school maths are all aspects of calculus and its applications.

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Common challenges for students in high school Maths

Students generally find high school maths to be broad. However, the syllabus divides the content over the years in a way where new concepts should build on good foundations. The commonest challenges in high school maths are algebraic expressions and quadratic equations at the beginning; Euclidean and Euler geometry as well as construction of proofs and geometrical arguments for angles and triangles later. Towards the end, calculus, its applications as well as trigonometric functions are usually found to be challenging.

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Main outcomes for high school maths

At the end of high school maths, students should be capable of simplifying algebraic expressions and solving quadratic equations and polynomials. They must also be able to do financial calculations and master the collection, interpretation and presentation of data. In addition, it is required that students be versed in measurements and construction of solid shapes and figures in 2- and 3-dimensions. They are expected to identify and solve for angles and triangles, establish proofs through deductive reasoning and be familiar with trigonometric ratios and functions. Calculus must similarly be mastered as well as its various applications.

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Most important concepts to ensure your child understands in year 12 Maths

Important concepts to ensure your child understands in high school include algebraic expressions, quadratic and polynomial equations, statistical methods and basic principles of probability, trigonometric functions and geometry of lines, curves, solid shapes and composite figures. Lastly, calculus is absolutely essential.

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If hiring a tutor, what study habits and content to focus on in high school maths?

When getting a tutor for your child’s high school maths needs, make sure you hire a capable tutor who can give the time and challenge to spur your child to learning as well as helping them develop independently. Maths at this level requires a total commitment on the part of your child. A habit of independent learning will help your child learn faster and this habit can only be cultivated by gradually weaning the child of outside help. This will be achieved when you have a tutor who helps develop the mental capacity and aptitude for maths as well as make the learning sessions fun and interactive.

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Main challenges involved in tutoring a high school maths student

High school maths can be convoluted by the interconnectedness of its parts. Students who are not able to bring together what they have learnt from different parts of the course will experience the most difficulty. Some topics can be especially challenging. These include coordinate geometry, trigonometry and calculus.

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Some good ideas on how to help your child in high school maths

Help your child learn faster by hiring a maths tutor. By helping with real world problems your child can be more confident and learn to actively seek to learn maths. There is no substitute for solving more exercises and providing individual attention.

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What they say about our tutoring:

Just wanted to let you know that Mark seems like a good match for Nik. He really likes him and had a really successful first session. Thanks for your support and assistance in finding him!
Douglas was great & Liam responded well with him - But the school have always had in house tutoring that Liam was uncomfortable attending - But with Douglas's input he now feels confident to go and take that path. As I pay School fees this makes more sense than another outlay on top.  He is making great progress and all is well.
Thanks for your email.  Our decision to discontinue the tutoring was not due to any dissatisfaction - quite the opposite.  My daughter only had a few sessions with her tutor, and in that time gained a huge amount of confidence in her abilities.  The tutor was able to reassure her that she wasn't as bad at maths as she believed.  This new-found confidence enabled my daughter to discuss openly with her teacher the difficulties she was having, and get some extra help at school.  Since then, she has performed markedly better in her assignments and tests. Natasha is an excellent tutor and I would highly recommend your company to anyone experiencing difficulty with Maths. Thanks for the follow up and for all your help.
We’re very happy thank you, the sessions with Taran are going well.
Alex was happy with the initial session and they have their second session this weekend.   She was able to obtain an immediate improvement from her interaction with Phillip as he worked on actual tasks with her.
Marissa was very impressed with Ellaine, she found her easy to understand and follow. She is looking forward to her next lesson. Thank You.

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