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What do I enjoy most about tutoring?

Like most tutors, I enjoy helping others. I get a great feeling knowing that my students can feel more relaxed about their homework, or more confident when walking into a test. I love to see students who go from learning maths (and science) by remembering the formulae or processes to learning to understand the concepts in maths. I enjoy seeing students improve and seeing them begin to enjoy maths more as their confidence grows. I also find that the flexibility in the hours is a benefit in tutoring.

My Strengths as Tutor

I am a very approachable person. Hence students feel comfortable asking me the questions they won't ask their teacher as they fear they will seem stupid. I understand that the classroom can be an intimidating environment to ask questions. I also understand that often one explanation is not enough to help a student understand. Sometimes they need another explanation, an example or an analogy to something similar they have done. I've worked with lots of different students and understand that each have different goals and situations. Hence I have learnt to adapt my tutoring style to each student.

Most important things I can do for a student

The most important thing a tutor can do for a student is provide a comfortable environment, where the students feels that they can ask questions without being judged or scrutinised. It is the tutors jobs to understand the students goals and work with them and their families to help these goals be achieved. I believe that the time a student spends getting tutored should not be a time they dread. Rather, it should be a time that they look forward to as a time where they can get help on the specific things they do not understand.