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Jasmaine, tutor in Craigieburn, VIC
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What do I enjoy most about tutoring?

i think i would enjoy being able to give someone who sees maths as the worst subject they could ever come across, to see it as the best thing and something they will never find daunting in the ability to get a pass or a really high score. i enjoy maths and i hope to be able to give that state of mind to everyone doing maths. be able to see someone achieve something great that they never thought possible would be amazing, and to give them something they can now find enjoyable and fun to take on the challenge of learning something new within maths i would find most satisfying.

My Strengths as Tutor

i am easy to talk to i am able to find solutions in changing the way a certain content is taught, if a student or someone is struggling with the original formula or structure in teaching. i like a challenge i approach different people in different ways knowing their capabilities and thought processing. i care about the person i would be tutoring, to be able to see them achieve even a 5% increase in their marks shows that they are improving and that they are able to make it with practice they can see a future in a greater achievement that they can feel proud of .

Most important things I can do for a student

be able to help and have them start to enjoy learning that certain subject. being able to help someone achieve something they never thought would be possible i find the best thing a tutor can do. to show someone they are capable of anything, even if that involves a little help along the way the can see with practice and some help anything is possible and achievable. even if its hard at first the dreaded thought that once was will no longer be. the student can now feel confident, they don't need to be scared of approaching this subject they can enjoy it and find it a challenge they can overcome

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