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My Strengths as Tutor

My strength would be my personal experience from being a recently graduated high school student. Being a previous student in secondary school myself who also went tutoring, I know what is expected from a student and understand that some concepts take time to understand. By knowing this I know where to focus on hence improve on. My weakness would probably be at times over thinking a problem which happened a lot during my HSC when I did maths. What I mean is when I see a question I tend to think more complex when really I should think simple.

Most important things I can do for a student

One of the most important things tutor can do for a student is provide them with a lot of feedbacks as well as lots of revision. It is from feedback that students understand where they have been going wrong and how to improve on it. Revision is essential because knowing content is one thing, learning to apply them is another. From experience, I have noticed that with HSC examinations the exam style questions are more leaning towards applying the information you know rather than just memorise information. Also revision allows students to get a better understanding of the style of questions.