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My Strengths as Tutor

In terms of strength, I believe I can bring a fresh and interesting approach to the teaching of mathematics in a manner that will enable students to better understand the concepts and the logic behind some mathematic concepts. I strongly believe in the power of revision and practice, therefore, I would advocate the importance of revision and constant practice. In terms of weakness, the methods I was taught under and accustom to, may differ sligthly to what teachers are using today. But, I believe understanding of maths is built on the integration of tradtional and mdern methods.

Most important things I can do for a student

As a tutor, our main obligation is to implement methods of teaching that allows students to understanding the materials in a way that isnt too complex, but at the sametime, yields the required results when the time comes around. Key to the student's success is built on having someone that they can turn to if they require advice or support, not only in relaton to maths, but, someone that can guide them in relation to all aspects of life.