5 Apr

Math Activities For Your Truck Driving, Dinosaur Riding, Space Ship Flying Pirate

mathboy2If you have a son, more than likely you’ve had enough robots, pirates, dinosaurs and trucks to last you a lifetime. Lucky for you, we’ve put together a list of even more activities that boys will love and that will foster their love and understanding for everything math related!


Counting, estimating, measuring, sorting and probability can all be figured out using Lego blocks.


  • If your little pirate is looking for a fun way to practice math facts, play a game of walk the plank! Use your couch, a park bench or even just a line made of masking tape as a plank. Call out math problems to your child, and have them take a step down the plank for every wrong answer.


  • Continuing with the pirate theme, change things up a little bit by putting together a scavenger hunt around the house. Write out clues that require your little pirate to work out a math equation. (Example: We have 9 rooms in our house, and 3 of them are bathrooms. What percentage of the rooms in our house are bathrooms?) and leave the next clue in the bathroom. At the end, set up some sort of treasure as a reward.


  • Set up a paper airplane making activity when you can explore geometry, measurement, distance, speed, estimation and many other common math concepts while creating airplane that soar through the air


  • If the guy in your life likes to spend his time outdoors, go outside and shoot some hoops, play a game of baseball, or tee up for a game of golf. All sports require some sort of math knowledge to at least keep score. Your guy will be so into the game he won’t even realize he’s practicing math.


These fun activities aren’t only for boys of course, girls will have a blast playing and learning with any of the above-mentioned games. Get your kids excited about numbers, and build a strong foundation and love for math at the same time!

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