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Ezy Math Tutoring is located in the heart of Brisbane, near the corner of Turbot Street and George Street. Our facility is at Santos Place, where we have a team providing the best Maths Tutoring in Brisbane. We are located just off the Pacific Motorway and a short distance from Roma Street Railway Station.

While our focus is on primary school and high school maths levels, we also provide tutoring in a broad range of subjects through our extensive network of professionals, which include subjects in English, physics and chemistry, among others all delivered outside of a classroom environment at your home. Speak with our customer service team, to learn about different options available for your child or children. Each tutoring program is custom-tailored to your child’s needs, taking into account their individual strengths and weaknesses.

We can be reached by phone, at 1300 312 354, or by email, info@ezymathtutoring.com.au. We look forward to working with you to maximize your child’s opportunities for success.

12 Turbot Street,
Brisbane, QLD 4000

More About Our Maths Tutors Brisbane

Ezy Math Brisbane is situated in the heart of the city at the Santos Place building on Turbot Street, right next to the Pacific Motorway and just a few blocks away from the Museum of Brisbane and King George Square. We provide in-home tutoring services all throughout the Brisbane area specialising in Maths, as well as other core subjects like English, Physics and Chemistry for all year levels.

EZY Math, Brisbane - Your maths tutors Brisbane experts

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Get Results The Ezy Math Way

Ezy Math Tutoring helps students become successful at school by teaching them how to study effectively. Instead of simply repeating concepts and information over and over just to get students to their next big test, our Maths tutors in Brisbane will work with your child one-on-one to be able to properly address each student’s individual learning needs beyond mere rote memorisation. Our top priority is to equip students with the skills they need to become better learners at school, prepare for tests on their own and achieve lifelong academic success.

The traditional classroom environment can be ineffective and inflexible in a lot of ways, which commonly leads to many a student’s difficulties in school. For those who are falling behind, this can lead to low self-confidence and a negative attitude towards schoolwork, thus perpetuating a cycle of poor grades throughout their time at school. Without the right attitude and proper study habits, time spent in school will largely be wasted. Even if a student is able to pass tests, without the right motivation, he/she may not really be learning to the best of his/her abilities. With Ezy Math Tutoring, your child will not only succeed at Math, but learn to enjoy it as well.

Learn with the Best Math Tutors in Brisbane

At Ezy Math, our tutoring philosophy revolves around the student first and foremost. Our skilled Maths tutors in Brisbane will be your child’s personal mentor who will create a personalised study program by paying close attention to how your child learns and pinpointing what difficulties he/she may be dealing with in the classroom.

With our proven in-home tutoring methods, we can quickly identify and break down the barriers that are hindering your child from getting better grades. Our tutors understand that not everyone learns at the same pace, but with the right kind of support and skills development, every child can realise their full potential and flourish both in school and in life.

Our maths tutors in Brisbane all go through a rigorous screening process to guarantee that not only do they possess the right technical knowledge and skills, but also the right attitude and passion for teaching and helping students to get ahead. Once selected, each tutor gets extensive training designed to align their teaching methods with our own tutoring philosophy.

All our Brisbane math tutors have been university educated, with some even having taken up Masters degrees or PhDs, which ensures that each one has the right expertise and knowledge in the subject matter that they teach. While our tutors work remotely in students’ homes all throughout the Brisbane metropolitan area and its surrounding suburbs, we also require them to check in with the home office to provide feedback on each pupil’s progress on a regular basis, so we can provide additional support whenever necessary. If in case a student is simply not clicking with his/her private tutor, Ezy Math Brisbane will quickly assign a new tutor who can better keep your child engaged in his/her lessons.

Our Brisbane Math tutors also go through a Continuing Education Program throughout their tenure with Ezy Math Tutoring. We regularly provide our tutors with new training modules designed to continually improve their teaching and mentoring skills. These modules contain important information and lessons learned from our years of experience in the private tutoring business and best practices gained from our extensive network of tutors throughout Australia. We have tutoring hubs in all the major metropolitan areas from Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide to the Gold Coast.

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Math Tutors in Brisbane for All Levels

Ezy Math Brisbane caters to all educational levels from primary to high school levels – from Year 3 up to Year 12. Our highly qualified private Maths tutors in Brisbane have years of experience teaching kids to master topics like basic arithmetic and geometry for younger learners in Years 3 and 4, to more tricky subjects like algebra, trigonometry and calculus for high school students.

Here at Ezy Math Brisbane, we believe it is important that students learn good study habits at a young age. This will help them perform better in school as they grow older and get the most out of their education. Private tutoring can also be very helpful to students in higher year levels, and maybe just the extra push they need to get into the university of their dreams. Plus, our proven tutoring methods will impart essential learning strategies students can use in all aspects of schoolwork.

EZY Math, Brisbane - Your maths tutors Brisbane experts

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Jump start your child’s academic performance today by taking advantage of our free trial lesson. Simply call us at 1300 312 354 or contact us through our email info@ezymathtutoring.com.au and we’ll send over one of our experienced tutors to conduct an introductory lesson and initial assessment of your child’s strengths, as well as gaps in knowledge and learning strategies. After this first trial lesson, the tutor will immediately create a personalised program to effectively address your child’s needs. If you don’t feel the tutor is a good match for your son or daughter, we can send over another tutor from our broad network of educational professionals.