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In-Home Maths Tutors Found in Greenleigh Area, NSW

Maybe your child needs to ace an exam, maybe your child just needs a bit of help catching up? And, the students come with various learning challenges: rule dependence, unhindered silly mistakes, low confidence, poor exam technique, motivation issues etc. Tutoring helps. Any student can succeed if they have the right support and engagement. Sucess at school is about knowing how to learn effectively aswell as the knowledge itself. Our tutor will engage your child and teach the content they need to know while helping them become an effective student, an empowered learner. That's our mission.

The service is available all over Australia including Greenleigh, NSW. It's also super flexible. You can stop the tutoring any time and there are no hidden fees or charges, you pay a simple hourly rate and that's all. We also offer your first lesson as a trial so that you can give it a try risk-free. If you're not happy with your tutor we won't charge you and we'll even organise another tutor at no cost.

We've got maths tutors in your vicinity around Greenleigh, NSW. Give us a call so we can have a quick chat to understand your needs & organise a trial for you. Our phone number is 1300 312 354.

Sorry, we cannot service your area with an in-home tutor at the moment. Have you considered online tutoring?

Pros of Online Tutoring

  • We do not need to chose someone who lives nearby.
    • This results in a better matched tutor since we can literally chose from thousands of Australian tutors.
    • Minimum session length is only 30min instead of 1 hour since travel time is not an issue; and many tutors are even willing to have really quick 15min support sessions.
  • Because it is so simple to just hop on and off the computer, it is much easier to reschedule lessons or organise extra support exactly when needed.
  • We can match virtually any time or day of the week that you prefer for tuition.
  • Recording notes from lessons becomes really easy using the Online Learning Room.
  • Online tutoring really helps students develop online learning and communication skills which are becoming increasingly important in this digital world :) Online is a fun and novel way to learn - most students enjoy it at least for the novelty.
  • Just as with regular tutoring, you still have a dedicated tutor, there are no cancellation costs, you can use tutoring as frequently as you like etc

Cons of Online Tutoring

  • Online tutoring does require a bit more preparation and can take a few sessions to get used to but we've got some great tools to help!

How Does it Work?

  • We create a dedicated Online Learning Room just for you to use with your tutor. You can use any combination of audio, video and text to communicate with your tutor.
  • You get a digital whiteboard where you can paste information from school files, assignments or webpages. You can draw and write in a variety of ways.
  • No extra equipment or setup is required, you simply follow the link we give you to your Online Room
  • Here is an example room, feel free to play around and get a feel for it: Online Learning Room


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