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Vincent, Maths tutor in Blackburn North, VIC

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What do I enjoy most about tutoring? 😁

Seeing students who improve due to my direct involvement gives me a feeling of immense fulfillment. Specifically, I get a great feeling in helping someone overcome problems with a little bit of guidance from me. Usually for mathematics, students have a gap in knowledge regarding the basics or fundamental concepts and this gap carries over into higher level mathematics and breeds frustration due to their perceived ineptitude. I find it wonderful that someone like me, a former student, can help an under-performing student overcome this problem and inspire them to not give up on academia simply because of small issues that can be easily conquered with some external help like tutoring.

My Strengths as Tutor 💪

I have a strong understanding of fundamental concepts for mathematics and this allows me to offer various ways of explaining the same concept to students. Since I have been a student for such a long time, I can also sympathise with a lot of students and their struggles since I have also undergone tutoring myself. Having been a student who went to a selective highschool, also means that I will have a strong grasp of the format of assessments that the school/teacher has in store for students, particularly regarding test/exam structure and strategies that can be utilised to prepare for them and what to do during the test/exam.

Most important things I can do for a student 🏅

Developing rapport and supporting a student's innate desire to improve oneself.

We will contact you to organize the first Trial Lesson!

Working with Children Check
Verified Tutor Verified Tutor

Subjects Tutored 🎓

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About Vincent

Expert Mathematics Tutor with a Scientific Edge

Vincent, holding both a Master''s and Bachelor''s degree in science-related fields, brings a unique scientific perspective to his tutoring sessions. His background in biochemical engineering has honed his critical thinking and problem-solving skills, making him exceptionally adept at explaining complex mathematical concepts. Parents can trust that Vincent''s deep understanding of maths will help their children grasp even the most challenging topics.

Proven Track Record with Primary School Students

With experience as a private tutor for primary school students, Vincent excels in one-on-one teaching environments. He has successfully guided students from Grade 2 to Year 7, focusing on identifying areas for improvement and tailoring lessons to each student''s needs. His approach ensures that every child receives personalized attention, fostering both understanding and confidence in mathematics.

Multilingual Communicator and Cultural Enthusiast

Beyond his technical expertise, Vincent is also a talented linguist with proficiency in English, Japanese, Cantonese, Mandarin, and German. This multilingual ability not only makes him an excellent communicator but also helps him connect with students from diverse backgrounds. His enthusiasm for languages and cultures enriches his teaching style, making learning an engaging experience for all his students.