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Maria, tutor in Manly, NSW
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1st Lesson Trial

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What do I enjoy most about tutoring?

I enjoy tutoring because it gives me the opportunity to teach in a one-on-one situation, focusing my attention on one willing student, and helping that student to achieve his or her goal. I enjoy building a student's confidence, and sharing the joy that comes with improvement. To me, the best and most successful way to achieve the best service is in-home instruction, where we can study face-to-face, and interact on a more personal level. I believe that a good tutor should have credentials, good grades, of course, and experience in the field. But I do not feel that this is enough. There are many teachers with knowledge, credentials and experience who cannot convey that knowledge to students who might struggle with that subject matter. Simply put, they cannot teach. Therefore, I believe it is important to find a tutor who is patient, who truly enjoys teaching, enjoys the company of his or her students, and has the ability to build a rapport with them so that they can learn. This, I promise you, I can do.

My Strengths as Tutor

I have always been told that I have an incredible rapport with children. I take the time to listen to my students’ concerns and questions, and provide ongoing help and support when it is needed. When students are frustrated or worried, they know that they can turn to me for comfort and words of advice. I am a very patient individual. I am always eager to offer additional assistance to individual students, no matter how busy my schedule is. I am also patient when it comes to handling student misbehaviour, and I NEVER shout at or criticize the students. I am a motivated person and keep an agenda of work that needs to be done throughout the day and week. I am always aware of upcoming due dates.

Most important things I can do for a student

Have clear objectives: I want me and my students to know where we are heading, what is our final destination. Having clear objectives help set the pathway to succeeding. Have a positive attitude: As most students don't want to spend more hours studying and be enjoying spare time instead, my goal is to remain positive in order to remind them why we are there and what is our goal, and that we are going to achieve it only if we put our best efforts and attitude into it. Expect my students to succeed: This, I think is the most important. I had great grades at school and university because I had teachers who believed in my capacities, and expected me to succeed and have good grades. Students need someone older and "wiser" to expect them to succeed. If tutors didn't expect that, then the student would not as well. Adapt to student needs: Thanks God, we are not all equal and we all have different needs and capacities. Understanding my students' needs and adapting to that is one of my first goals in tutoring. Give my students emotional support: We're human, not machines. Our performance is not the same every day, because some days we are in a good humour, sometimes we're down, sometimes we're angry or disappointed. It is important to help students overcome their emotional difficulties in order to help them succeed. Mostly, school students need emotional support and don't have many places to find it. Break out of the box: I love when a students gives me a response completely out of the books. It may be right! Thinking outside of the box leads to creative and sometimes better answers. BUT thinking always out of the box is not the key to improving grades at school, it's good for understanding certain matters and know that not all of the answers are on the books!
1st Lesson Trial

1st Lesson Trial

We will contact you to organize the first Trial Lesson!

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