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Danielle, tutor in Melbourne, VIC
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What do I enjoy most about tutoring?

I love being able to clearly see an individuals' growth and development on a week to week basis. I have been employed with Kip McGrath Tutoring and helped 4 primary students with both literacy and numeracy skills. The curriculum with Kip is equal parts pen-to-paper work and computer tasks, with weekly homework activities being sent home. I loved tutoring because you can clearly see improvements while focusing solely on one student. Also being a classroom teacher I have the privilege of looking after a classroom and creating that cooperative learning environment. Being responsible for 15-30 students is a demanding job (especially being a CRT), and its rare you get to see clear progression of students when you have that inconsistent relationship. I am very fortune to be able to teach in both settings and I honestly enjoy just being a part of that journey with a student - no matter how big or small my impact.

My Strengths as Tutor

Being a newly qualified teacher and tutor I am passionate about guiding students to success in life. I love education, young people, health & nutrition, travel, cultures, the world and everyone in it. I like creating a calm, exciting and encouraging learning environment - wether in a classroom or home tutoring session. My tutoring style is to guide the student to use their own abilities and resources to problem solve, I don't generally focus solely on one subject, but help the student approach the research holistically (using all 'school subjects'). My mentor teachers have all said my least developed quality would be my assertive voice/classroom control. I find that I'm much more comfortable in a smaller group where I can show examples and explain things in detail, in a relaxed and quieter environment.

Most important things I can do for a student

The most important thing a tutor can do is just be present for that student. Being aware of the human being, whether they're having a good day or an off day, whether they're engaging with the set activities and learning criteria etc. I think the main point of tutoring is to tailor the activities to suit the individual's interests, while simultaneously developing their abilities to self-learn, guide their own discovery and eventually reach their personal goals through the facilitation of their tutor - but mainly from their own continuously growing knowledge and skill set.

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