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Jessica, tutor in Padstow, NSW
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1st Lesson Trial

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What do I enjoy most about tutoring?

I strongly agree with the quote “knowledge has no value unless you use and share it”, so I’m happy with the possibility of sharing the knowledge that I have acquired from high school and university, including my experiences in the process of learning. I like the idea of having the opportunity to transmit to others my love for continuous learning. For me tutoring represents a challenge of showing that we all are capable of learning anything if we strive. And that learning different subjects like mathematics could be fun, interesting and really useful in life.

My Strengths as Tutor

I have a solid academic preparation that gives me the experience to teach subjects like mathematics, science, biology, physics and engineering and business studies. I'm a patient person, I enjoy teaching and I have empathy with children and teenagers. I believe in the importance of education and I think it's not valid to classify students as 'good' or bad'.

Most important things I can do for a student

I am an understanding person, I am aware that we all have different ways of learning, and I am able to identify the student's strengths and weaknesses in the process of learning. I will make an effort to teach the topics in the simplest way possible encouraging the student to develop logical thinking, and the confidence to succeed on their own. Additionally I have the ability of teaching my students the different learning strategies given that I used most of them being a student.

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