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Kashish, Maths tutor in Westmead, NSW

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What do I enjoy most about tutoring? 😁

The thing that i most enjoy about tutoring is that i am able to make a student fall in love with a subject and i am able to display my capabilities as well as to excel and make the student also excel that is the best part about tutoring.

My Strengths as Tutor 💪

As a tutor my major strengths are that i am able to make a student understand my giving real life examples by being able to show their importance in the real world.I also have a lot of patience so i am very relaxed and calm when i tutor which makes the student calm too.

Most important things I can do for a student 🏅

The most important things a tutor can do for a student is to make sure they excel in their subject they gain the required knowledge and score very good marks.

We will contact you to organize the first Trial Lesson!

Working with Children Check
Verified Tutor Verified Tutor

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About Kashish

Experienced and Passionate Science Student

This tutor is a dedicated and self-motivated science student with a strong foundation in Physics, Chemistry, and Computer Science. Her academic achievements reflect her commitment to excellence, having graduated with high marks and an impressive overall score. She has also demonstrated her linguistic proficiency by achieving a commendable IELTS band score of 7.5.

Engaging Communication and Teamwork Skills

As an active member of various school clubs, including the debate club and eco club, this tutor has honed her communication skills to perfection. Her involvement in these extracurricular activities showcases her ability to work effectively in teams while also taking on leadership roles when needed. Parents can be assured that she brings these vital skills into her tutoring sessions, ensuring productive and interactive learning experiences.

Multi-talented Tutor with Diverse Interests

Beyond academics, this tutor''s diverse interests include football, where she excelled as a runner-up in an inter-state competition. Her participation in sports highlights her time management abilities and dedication to balancing multiple commitments. With excellent computer skills and a love for reading, she brings a well-rounded approach to tutoring that can inspire students not just academically but also personally.