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Never Cram For A Test! (But Here’s How To Do It Successfully)

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Never Cram For A Test! (But Here’s How To Do It Successfully)

2018-08-02T23:45:07+00:00 Posted in All About Exams by

Everyone knows the feeling of sitting at the lunch table, 17 minutes before a math test, and trying desperately to absorb everything in the math chapter and in the notes you’ve scribbled down during  the week. It’s not a great feeling, but we’ve all been there.

Successful test prep requires time, dedication and repetition, and should be taken seriously. Cramming isn’t recommended for long term learning. however, if you find yourself cramming for a test, here’s how to do it the right way.

Skip what you know- If there are concepts that you are confident with, skip those during your crm session. You know it, you’ll get it right on the test. Focus on the concepts and questions that you’ve struggled with.

Examples- Browse the chapter in your math book for examples. Pay attention to the steps. the process and any key points the book points out that are important to remember. Go back through your notes and read over the examples you wrote down. Look for patterns, and make up a rhyme or song if you ca to help you remember the order in which to do things

Skim For Important Concepts– Look for words, phrases, or lists that are bolded, underlined, highlighted or italicized. These are clearly important and should be where your studying begins.

Save Formulas For Last- As the teacher calls for all notes and books to be put away, go over any formulas or keywords that you are struggling with. As soon as you are handed your test or scrap paper, jot down these items so you don’t forget them once you begin reading all of the questions.

Next time,  give yourself plenty of time to study days and weeks before the test. You will go into the test much more confident. But when you have to cram, cram correctly.