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Ezy Math Tutoring is located at 71 King William Street, downtown Adelaide, which is at the north side of the city centre. We are located just two streets up from Victoria Square, and near the Adelaide Town Hall. By tram, go to stop D1 King William Street.

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At Ezy Math Tutoring, we specialize in home Tutoring for maths, in Adelaide, serving the local community for primary and high school maths levels. While our name suggests a focus on maths, we also offer tutoring for English, physics, and chemistry, and have a broad network of highly skilled and well-experienced tutors in the area. We focus on technical skills, while at the same time, building self-esteem and confidence in your child’s capabilities.

For enquiries, please call 1300 312 354, or by email, info@ezymathtutoring.com.au

71 King William Street
Adelaide, SA 5000

More About Our Maths Tutors Adelaide

Take control of your child’s learning and help them learn maths the easy way with Ezy Math Tutoring. We have maths tutors that can guide your child each step of the way, showing them how to set out their work logically. This is a crucial skill needed when completing exams. We encourage students to be active learners and work through problems with their tutor, fostering a sense of accomplishment not found in traditional teaching methods. Herein lies the key to continued academic success.

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Ezy Math Tutors in Adelaide has a reputation for consistently high standards and achievement in one-on-one home tutoring. Whether students are struggling to understand the theory behind the maths problem, or just want to validate their answers before handing in homework, our tutors can give them the help and support they need. We provide quality tuition for primary and secondary students.

In a traditional classroom many children lack the confidence to ask questions or contribute their thoughts, but in personalised tutoring sessions they are encouraged to partake in open discussions where all questions are welcome. Ezy Math Tutoring will provide your child with a tutor who can offer all the benefits of personal, private tutoring but with added convenience and flexibility. Our company connects maths tutors in Adelaide with students allowing them to work collaboratively on their homework or study.

We are able to help all ages and abilities from primary school through to year 12 students, from students struggling through to those striving for perfection. Our approach allows parents and students to assist in setting the learning agenda. This makes sure that only the most relevant learning takes place and that both the student and parents have confidence in the tutor.

Ezy Math tutors know that to keep kids motivated, interested and challenged, it takes a little something extra. In your very first, free Ezy Math Tutoring session, you will quickly notice a difference in the learning environment and the way we tutor. Your child is given the opportunity to work on their skills in a fun and creative atmosphere. Each session is designed to work on gaps in your child’s learning, while motivating them to keep up, challenge themselves, and enjoy school classes.

Adelaide students of all ages are offered face-to-face tuition. Our tutors work closely with each child’s needs whether that be to make sure they no longer feel frustrated when they are learning a new concept or even filling in some of the basics missed in maths. All of our maths tutors Adelaide are experienced teachers with extensive knowledge of the syllabus. They also have expertise in working with students of all ages and ability.

There are many reasons for choosing our maths tutors Adelaide:
• We only charge hourly rates with no booking or registration fees.
• Each student has an individually tailored program designed to assist them in any subject.
• All tutors are qualified teachers with relevant degrees in related disciplines.
• Tutors are selected with academic background, experience and personality in mind.
• You choose the location. Either the convenience of your own home, or an agreed location with the tutor.

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Our maths tutors Adelaide are passionate about helping students who have lost confidence in themselves, have low self-esteem or simply to achieve higher goals. We are committed to helping children to get back their confidence, motivation and strength of mind as well as to improve their skills realising their full potential. We do not just put your child into a pre-existing program. Instead we build an individual learning program for them based on their needs. We regularly assess your child’s progress and re-tailor the curriculum to suit. That is why we are so effective and why we see great results.

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Established to meet the growing demand for not only tuition for high school students but all ages up to year 12, our maths tutors Adelaide understand the needs of parents and students. We believe that every child deserves to reach their full potential and each child deserved to enjoy the high level of confidence that comes with improved skills. It is never too early or too late to make a difference in a child’s learning.

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Ezy Math Tutoring offers Adelaide students and parents:
• Expert educational leadership.
• Successful academic results.
• Tuition for students of all ages, including primary school and secondary school students.
• Improved confidence.
• High quality face to face tuition by qualified and experienced teachers.
• Year and age appropriate tuition in Maths, English, Physics and Chemistry.
• An emphasis on core skills and knowledge.
• A friendly, caring environment that allows pupils to gain confidence
• High levels of parental and family engagement.

Help build your child’s confidence and self-esteem, improve their academic skills and enhance their concentration through individual one-on-one tutoring. At Ezy Math Tutoring we are confident that our tuition method and emphasis on improving students’ skills and knowledge in the core learning areas of English, Maths, Physics and Chemistry will help them reach their full potential. Our maths tutors Adelaide lead students to achieve success at school and beyond.