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At Ezy Math Tutoring we have 1 Ancient History tutors in Lewiston, SA and surrounding areas providing in-home tuition for students of all grades. The right tutor can really make a difference and this is what we pride ourselves on.

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    100% Good Fit Guarantee

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Keely, Ancient History tutor in Lewiston, SA
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What they say about our tutoring


Tutor Stephen is a very good tutor and we would like to give him our highest recommendation for a job well done. We would recommend him to any parent who wants their child to improve in Math. Thank you for all your help Stephen and Ezy Math Tutoring.

We have used this organisation for my daughter Stephanie's HSC preparation and she ended up doing outstanding in maths in her HSC.

We engaged your services last week to assist our son, Riley. Within that short time, we're absolutely delighted and extremely impressed with the professionalism of your excellent tutor, Eliran! He is very responsive in his communication with me and has been most co-operative when I wished to match his intervention with that of Riley's school curriculum. Riley was somewhat anxious of working with a stranger, however within the first 20 minutes of the session Eliran allayed his fears with his ability to quickly establish a positive rapport, sweeping Riley up with his clear expectations of how Riley should behave in a confident manner. Eliran is obviously very competent in his subject matter and explained concepts in a simple and repetitive style. Riley was faced with a test 2 days after the initial Saturday tutorial and Eliran was most amenable to making a second session at 9am the following Sunday morning, in order to fit in with our needs! Given that this meant Eliran had to travel to our home using 2 modes of public transport, I was extremely impressed with Eliran's commitment to his job and my son. Furthermore, Eliran was also very generous with his time starting and finishing the session 10 minutes before and after the hour had concluded! I informed Riley that this kind of dedication is not common in every employee and that I was astounded with Eliran's diligent work ethic. I believe this conversation inspired Riley to perform with the similar level of integrity, and it has already paid off! We all eagerly awaited the outcome of Riley's test and we're absolutely thrilled that he scored a distinction of 79%, rising well above his average performance of 60%! My husband and I couldn't have wished for a better start, to what we hope will be a long and rewarding relationship with Eliran & Ezymathtutoring!

At Ezy Math Tutoring we have 1 Ancient History tutors in Lewiston, SA and surrounding areas providing in-home tuition for students of all grades. The right tutor can really make a difference and this is what we pride ourselves on. There are several Ancient History tutors available around Lewiston and we're specialists at finding the right fit!

•    We come to you •    Qualified Ancient History tutors •    Helped 1000's of students
•    High school & Primary school •    Working with children check •    Simple pricing. Cancel any time.

We really only work with the best tutors, and your first hour is a trial so you can try out a tutor and only pay if you feel it's a good match.