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Stephanie - Physics Tutor in DUNCRAIG

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  • Stephanie is working out well and is supporting Harrison in a way that is having an impact. She is great and happy to work with her.
    Lorena, DUNCRAIG

What do I enjoy most about tutoring?

Of course seeing students excel at a test or exam or understand a concept that challenged them particularly is so rewarding. However, I truly enjoy the journey of teaching, and empowering students with education, reassuring them that yes, learning is difficult, but they are more than capable, is immensely satisfying.

My Strengths as Tutor

Firstly, patience. I am well aware that tutoring can be a difficult, frustrating job, and having the ability to, say, calmly explain concepts multiple times, is one of my strengths. In addition, I believe I am very personable and approachable. I am well aware that tutoring is not purely academic - if students do not connect with and feel comfortable with you as a friend and mentor, they will be less likely to ask questions or seek clarification. Having the ability to build mentoring relationships with students is at the core of my tutoring strength.

Most important things I can do for a student

Often if students are seeking tutoring, they are struggling or in a place of doubt about their abilities. Providing a comfortable, safe environment where students can feel reassured about their own abilities is so important. I know before I developed a passion for mathematics especially, I struggled with and detested the subject. As soon as I enlisted the help of a tutor, this mentality changed, and I could actually focus on the subject, which turned out to not really be that difficult.