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  • Thank you. She has been Great I think she is perfect for him moving forward.
    Karen, NORTH LAKE

What do I enjoy most about tutoring?

One of my most enjoyed moments of teaching is nurturing and coaching a student to help them discover the wonder of any subject, and in some cases, watching a student go from loathing writing an essay to becoming a student bursting with ideas and ready to put them down on paper. I enjoy explaining things to students so that they leave my lessons better equipped for future classes and tests.

My Strengths as Tutor

Being a student that initially struggled with English to achieving the scores I achieved in Year 12, I believe my determination to make English and English Literature a subject not to be loathed, but to be understood, helps to provide an interesting and valuable hour of teaching to students. Having been a tutor for students of all ages, I also believe that articulation and explaining is a valuable asset of any tutor, and I believe that my previous experience as a tutor, as well as my formal experience in Sales have provided me with excellent written and verbal communication.

Most important things I can do for a student

I believe that any tutor or teacher has the potential to shape and inspire a student's future. Certain teachers from my high school years, in particular, my English Literature teachers, have served to inspire and shape me to the person I have become today. Teachers can be very much like a tour guide in a new destination - good teachers open the doors to students and inspire them to explore their destination and futures, while bad teachers point students in one direction and herd them to the next general locality. I hope and aim to inspire my students always towards their hopes and dreams.