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Haritha, Maths tutor in Glen Waverley, VIC

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What do I enjoy most about tutoring? 😁

I love the satisfaction of playing a role in someone's success and happiness. It gives me great pleasure to know that I have had a positive impact on someone's life, no matter how big or small. I love problem solving and enjoy coming up with new ways of explaining concepts so that my students can gain a deeper understanding of topics.

My Strengths as Tutor 💪

My biggest strength as a tutor would have to be my communication skills. I have been able to improve my communication skills over the years by tutoring maths and piano. I feel that I am able to cater to a wide variety of ages and help students reach their greatest potential. For example, the concentration span of a younger student can be a lot smaller than an older student, and in order to ensure that they are fully engaged, it is vital to keep learning sessions slightly shorter or incorporate different activities during the lesson.

Most important things I can do for a student 🏅

Being able to explain concepts in such a way that the individual completely understands is very important. Also, being an approachable tutor is extremely valuable because students feel more comfortable asking questions, which is the best way to consolidate and learn. Moreover, being available to answer questions during the week is vital as leaving questions/concepts untouched for long periods can mean that the student forgets about it.

We will contact you to organize the first Trial Lesson!

Working with Children Check
Verified Tutor Verified Tutor

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About Haritha

Passionate and Dedicated Tutor

This tutor is driven by a strong desire to make a positive difference in students'' education. She aims to instill the same passion she has for learning into her students. With exceptional communication skills, an outgoing personality, and a quick-thinking mindset, she creates an engaging and responsive tutoring environment. Her dedication and hard-working nature ensure that each student receives personalized attention tailored to their unique needs.

Experienced in Maths and Piano Tutoring

Haritha has been providing maths tutoring since 2017, helping students grasp complex concepts with ease. Additionally, she offers piano lessons, having completed advanced classical practical and theory exams. Her ability to teach both academic subjects and extracurricular skills highlights her versatility as a tutor. She is committed to fostering both intellectual growth and artistic expression in her students.

Leadership and Volunteerism

Throughout her educational journey, this tutor has held several leadership positions such as Class Captain and House Captain, demonstrating her ability to guide and inspire peers. She also volunteers regularly, raising funds for charity events like ‘R U OK?’ day and assisting at community services. These experiences reflect her compassionate nature and commitment to making a positive impact beyond academics.