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Nima, tutor in Doncaster, VIC
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1st Lesson Trial

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What do I enjoy most about tutoring?

I enjoy tutoring primarily because I am assisting others in their education and therefore their long term goals and achievements. Education is essential as it promotes family life, contribution to society, and social interaction with others. This is coupled with the fact that it is face to face interaction. Being able to promote independent critical thought in others is fundamental to my beliefs of having the ability to think individually and excel in life according to each person's inherent capacities.Therefore, I derive gratification from witnessing others think and progress independently.

My Strengths as Tutor

My strengths as a tutor are my friendliness, ability to speak casually and engage with the student, as well as integrate the student's work into the family's conversations and allow them to express their opinions, bringing a more complete unity of vision and thought between the family and the student. This desire to tutor is channeled by my own experiences as a student and future prospects of becoming a tutor and Lecturer in University settings.

Most important things I can do for a student

The most important things a tutor can do for a student is to understand that they are essentially human beings, and should be treated as such. Therefore, a friendly peer-to-peer approach should be taken in place of a paternal one. In addition, care should be taken to promote their independent cognitive abilities rather than, however unintentionally, promoting reliance on others for answers. This provides a pathway of education and a career for the student with a more well-equipped mind and capacity.
1st Lesson Trial

1st Lesson Trial

We will contact you to organize the first Trial Lesson!

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