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Waqas, Maths tutor in West Hobart, TAS

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Working with Children Check
Verified Tutor Verified Tutor

What do I enjoy most about tutoring? 😁

To see the glowing faces of young children who are ready to learn and grasp new knowledge that is so important and the fact that I am able to make a different in the lives of those children which they will benefit for ever

My Strengths as Tutor 💪

to engage and challenge the students in a way that the proactively desire to learn and solve problems. I am also good in transferring the concept to develop a strong basic knowledge

Most important things I can do for a student 🏅

Enable student to realize his/her strengths and weaknesses so he can focus on particular areas as well as make the learning process as enjoyable as possible

We will contact you to organize the first Trial Lesson!

Working with Children Check
Verified Tutor Verified Tutor

Tutoring students in 👦 👧

  • year 5
  • year 6
  • year 7
  • year 8
  • year 9
  • year 10
  • year 11
  • year 12

About Waqas

Extensive Tutoring Expertise in Business and Finance

This tutor brings a robust background in tutoring various business subjects including Finance, Accounting, Financial Management, Tax, Law, Economics, and Statistics. With experience since 2007 in one-on-one and group settings up to 10 students, they have consistently helped learners achieve excellent pass rates. Their ability to cater to a diverse range of academic levels from O levels up to MBA showcases their versatility and commitment to student success.

Qualified and Certified Professional

Holding an MPA with high distinctions and further qualifications in CPA fundamentals, this tutor is not only academically accredited but also professionally certified as a QuickBooks Online Proadvisor. Their deep understanding of both theoretical and practical aspects of finance ensures that they are well-equipped to provide comprehensive tutoring that meets various learning needs.

Committed to Student Development and Engagement

Beyond academic teaching, this tutor has demonstrated a commitment to holistic development through extracurricular activities such as leading sports teams and engaging in social work. Their ability to connect with students extends beyond the classroom, fostering an environment that encourages all-round growth. This approach helps build rapport with students, making learning more relatable and effective.