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What do I enjoy most about tutoring?

1. Helping - Tutoring is not just results-oriented. It is about the development of the student in that particular subject given proper attention and proper addressing of their strengths and weaknesses. As a tutor you help the student become confident in the subject and most importantly, understand the significance of the subject in their daily life. 2. Success - As a tutor, once you've identified a student's or students' weaknesses, and teach them how to improve, you feel a satisfaction of success and when the student informs you that they did quite well in their assessment.

My Strengths as Tutor

1. Understanding - I believe I have a strong inclination to understand what the student needs improvement in and their current strengths. 2. Tailored-teaching - I believe in the idea that each student requires specific tutoring such that they need different materials, different teaching styles and take different amount of time to understand the content at hand. As a Tutor, one has to responsive to this, and I believe I am quite aware of this.

Most important things I can do for a student

Growth - It's not just about academic success, it's about the idea that, as a Tutor, it's your duty to make sure the students grow in their chosen subject. This involves understanding the student's strengths and weaknesses, their willingness to work hard and have fun, and enjoyment in the topic. Genuineness and Inspiration - A student can easily pick up whether a Tutor is enthusiastic about their subject or just "filling in". It's very important for the Tutor to be genuine in their teaching and provide inspiration, as opposed to rote learning.

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