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we had our first tutorial with Julie last night - It went Really well. Georgina was actually excited about going to her maths class today!! Julie explained things in a way that Georgina understood as well as being really encouraging - we were both really happy with Julie Melissa, 31st October 2014
We are very happy with Chris and especially how Nathan is progressing. His confidence has lifted and he is very happy. Anna, 30th October 2014
We are very happy with Rachel. Natasha feels very comfortable with Rachel and they get along well. Natasha feels more confident about maths now and almost excited to do her maths test at school tomorrow. Rachel has applied learning techniques that work best for Natasha and she is very patient. Rachel is also a lovely girl and has a warm personality. We are very thankful to have her tutoring Natasha. Candice, 30th October 2014
Tutoring has gotten off to a great start thankyou. Adrian is always on time and his professional & friendly manner has encouraged Erin to have a positive response to being tutored ( she was not keen initially) Erin is enjoying her session with Adrian and I can see her willingness to work with him will increase her confidence in maths in general. Michelle, 29th October 2014
I would like to thank you and your team for all the help with preparing Marissa for her Math exam. Gabriella was a wonderful help,  I do nightly recommend her.   Thank you for the time spent with her Pauline, 29th October 2014
thanks for your note.  Things appear to be going well with Andrew.  He is a very polite and professional young man and he seems to get on well with Matthew. Domenica, 29th October 2014
We are happy with Taylor. Emilie gets on well with her and they work well together. Taylor is keeping the work current and relevant. Naomi, 22nd October 2014
This all seems to be going really well. We are very happy with James and his reliability, knowledge of the area and approach to tutoring. Sonia, 22nd October 2014
We are very happy with Nathan and Alana is benefiting from his tutoring. Karen, 22nd October 2014
We have been extremely happy with Mihika. Luca has always been a good Maths student but we felt that he needed a little push on year 7 to get him into good habits & not get behind. We feel that with the help of Mihika he had been able to achieve this. We will make sure to recommend your service to anyone looking for tutoring services Thank you Yael, 17th October 2014
We met Aprinder, and he is a delightful young man, and he gets on well with our daughter Rebecca. She likes how he has so many different ways to show her how to solve a problem! I do understand that it will take some time until we see results, but I have a good feeling that she will excel down the track! Thank you for your prompt service. Janie, 15th October 2014
We are very Happy with our tutor Isabelle and communicate directly with her about our and her availability. We have only one session left this year as Isabelle and /or India will be unavailable after that. We hope Isabelle can continue to coach India from the second week of term 1 2015 when India starts high school Tracey, 15th October 2014
Ajok is a lovely person who my daughter has taken to very well in the first two lessons we have had.  Ajok was unable to see us last week due to her own study commitments, but I’m hopeful this tutoring will be just the help my daughter needs. Adele, 15th October 2014
Grace is really enjoying the sessions with James and the support has given her confidence. He is an excellent tutor. Chris, 15th October 2014
We are very happy with Shunan as Antony and Bella's tutor. He is doing a wonderful job.   Thank you! Rosie, 14th October 2014
I had one tutoring session with Tom and he was fantastic. Very easy to talk to and had clearly prepared before coming to see me. The exam that I needed his help to prepare for is this Thursday so I no longer need his services. I have told Tom I will let him know how I went after the exam on Thursday. Tess, 14th October 2014
I am very pleased with Gabrielle and so is Thomas, so a great start.   Just having a  mentor has boasted Thomas’s confidence enormously and I listen to how Gabrielle communicates with Thomas and I am amazed. Thomas is very happy. Alison, 12th October 2014
Both of the tutors that you have sent have been fantastic - very knowledgeable, great with Ollie, could not be happier Katrina, 8th October 2014
We had one lesson with Taruka, she is lovely and Isabella enjoyed it. With school holiday and long weekend we haven't managed another but will definitely be starting up next week again. Simona, 8th October 2014
I am very happy with Aston. Joshua loved him and Aston is a great role Josh. Aston will be coming over for the second tutoring lesson tomorrow and I am pretty sure everything will work out perfectly. Sandra, 7th October 2014
Domenic has only had one session with Alvin, but he thinks he is 'awesome'. He likes the tips and tricks Alvin explains for solving maths problems. He's not keen on tutorials over holidays so will continue with more weekly lessons starting next week. Teresa, 7th October 2014
Cameron is turning out to be a great tutor and Mitchell really enjoys the sessions. Jody, 2nd October 2014
The tutoring has started really well Sam is very happy with Din and has gotten off to a positive start. Mel, 1st October 2014
Charley has warmed to Charissa. It is great that she is young, female, confident and friendly. We have had two sessions so far and taken a break over the holidays. When Charissa returns from her holiday we will continue with regular weekly sessions and hopefully during the coming weeks/months Charissa can help Charley understand how to plan and do her homework regularly rather than with panic the morning that it is due! Samantha, 30th September 2014
We are thrilled with Emily. Natalie, 29th September 2014
We're very happy with Rishi, he's really helping Liam already. Paul, 29th September 2014
Lazarus is very happy with Joseph. I think Joseph will be a good fit for Lazarus' learning needs. Angela, 29th September 2014
Afra has met with Jasmine once so far as we have had the holidays. I think it went really well and Jasmine is actually looking froward to her next lesson this Saturday. Suzanne, 29th September 2014
We are very happy with Anh and her tutoring of Lana.  We are taking a break over the school holidays and public holiday but will be back into it in a couple of weeks.   Anh was very generous with her time leading up to Lana’s last exam and although not anticipated given the short lead up time, her results improved.   It’s been a great decision for us to set the foundations for Lana with senior maths. Tamara, 29th September 2014
So far Adriana has only had the 2 lessons because Aathi had to cancel an appointment and we couldn’t have a lesson this past Monday because of school holidays so this Monday we’re having 2 lessons to try and catch up . Adriana absolutely loves Aathi which surprised me because she hates maths but he’s won her over already so I have a good feeling about this… thankyou Effie, 24th September 2014
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