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Our tutor is Anthony. We have found his interaction with our son Benn has proven very rewarding. Benn has taken to Anthony and sees him as a mentor as well as a tutor. He has only praise and admiration for Anthony. At our discussions with Benn  after each tutorial Benn has a renewed interest and passion for Math. Anthony and Benn seem to have similar interests in physics and sciences which I think helps. He is also providing and encouraging Benn with his confidence not just in math but in all things. I would like to offer our satisfaction and praise in Anthony's professionalism and he is a testimonial to your business Jodie, 23rd December 2013
All good so far, both Will and I are very happy with Ben. He is good value. Highly recommend him. Markus, 18th January 2013
I just wanted to express my thanks to you and my son's tutor Sam. With his assistance Grady improved his maths results from virtually failing the subject to achieving a very respectable B + for his end of year  11 final grade. Sam was personable and patient, encouraging and motivating. Even though my son has decided not to continue studying maths in year  12 , I am delighted with the results he was able to achieve ,and the confidence and self- belief he attained. Please pass these comments on to Sam. Again, thank you so much. Tracey, 16th January 2013
Just got Tahli's report. She got 55/100 last report and now 73/100 with position of 2/62 in her year. I have thanked Vashika for her work with Tahli and sorry to lose her next year but thanks to Ezy maths for giving my child confidence in maths! Gill, 14th December 2012
We have been really happy with tutor and your service and have already recommended you to other parents. Thanks for your help and we will contact you agaIn if we ever need any  more help...:) Kate, 14th December 2012
Again, I would just like to say Justin’s work with Connor was amazing. In such a short period of time Connor has managed to gain confidence in maths from his time spent with Justin. We are so grateful that your organisation matched the tutor and the nature of the student perfectly. Funny as it may sound, maths is no longer Connor’s nemesis. Ezy Maths is fortunate to have such a patient and understanding tutor as Justin, we wish him every success for the future. Pauline, 11th December 2012
Our experience with Ezy Maths has been excellent. Most importantly the maths tutor you supplied was exceptional. She kept my daughter motivated and facilitated improved results to the point where we now only call for help on occasion rather than every week. The payment method is easy and I would recommend your company without hesitation. The regular feedback on progress was professional and you were always a pleasure to deal with. Mare, 10th December 2012
Gerard is doing a wonderful job, Jessica is comfortable expressing her difficulties with certain areas of Maths and Gerard is able to assist easily.   Kym, 6th December 2012
Thankyou for your service our tutor was fantastic and helped alot. Niki, 6th December 2012
I came to you because I wasn't satisfied with another tutoring company I had my son at. He has attention problems and was unable to grasp basic mathematical concepts. He couldn't add two numbers together if their total came to more than ten, he couldn't tell the time and knew none of his times tables. The other tutoring company tutored in a group and my son  would zone out as soon as the tutor turned their attention to someone else. Their response to this was that he had to get used to distractions. I agree with this but not when I am paying $50 an hour. Your company has been fantastic. Your tutor researched children with attention problems before getting to know my son and used his interests to keep his attention. My son enjoys his tutoring sessions and now knows his times tables, can tell the time and perform complicated (grade 3) equations. It has been money well spent. Susanna, 3rd December 2012
I thought you would like to know that Matilda got the highest mark in her class for her end of year Math exam 83%. We were so thrilled and it gave her a huge confidence boost! I would like to thank you and Erin and we look forward to continuing her tutoring next year. Liz, 2nd December 2012
Jacinta is awesome!  Grace has connected well with her, and even after 3 sessions we can see an improvement (in her methods and her confidence).  Grace had Year 9 exams this week and felt better prepared.  I can honestly say this has been the best investment I could have made for Grace! Denise, 29th November 2012
I also wanted to say Matthew has been absolutely fantastic, he has a great manner and is very patient.  Anja's maths has definitely improved. i suspect we will need a tutor again in the second half of next year hopefully Matthew is available then.  I will certainly recommend your service to others.   I also wanted to say thank you for all the fabulous resources you offer. Nadia, 27th November 2012
Also, I would like to say that the tutor provided, Ray, was outstanding. A thorough gentleman, always professional, diligent, interested and concerned. Just a good decent young man on every front. I certainly believe that Ray deserves some acknowledgement and recognition, and that he set a standard in your organisation that would be hard to better, he is a great testament of quality that any organisation tries to deliver. We were always pleased to have him in our home and wish him all the very best in his future. Tim, 27th November 2012
Justin has been such an asset to Connor, honestly, his confidence and understanding has improved with Justin’s assistance. We are so greatful to yourselves and Justin for all the work and patience over the past couple of weeks. Pauline, 26th November 2012
Jen has been really great, we love her. Thank you for sending her to us! Tanya, 22nd November 2012
Dev is great and Thea's maths is really coming along.  She's more confident and much better.  She didn't have much to catch up on but still a little further to go I think.  We're very happy with Dev.  Thank you. Audra, 22nd November 2012
Just to let you know that we have been pleased to see Romy’s confidence grow in direct response to Ezy Math tutoring. We fully intend to continue with your company in 2013 ... Avril, 19th November 2012
I went to your website, and wasn’t able to see easily where to add a reference so I thought I’d type something out below and you can add it into the website on my behalf. I’d like to thank Ezy Math Tutoring and especially Mihika (tutor) for assisting with Cameron’s Year-12 VCE Mathematics Methods subject this year. We won’t know what Cameron’s results will be for a little while but despite this I can safely say the experience and tutoring has been wonderful and warmly received by both Cameron and his parents alike…  During the course of this year and at all times the approach from both Ezy-Maths and Mihika was simply first class. Paul, 20th November 2012
Thank you for the follow up.  Belinda is fantastic.  Ben really likes her.  I know it has only been 3 weeks but Ben is already feeling more confident with his maths.  His exams start next week so Belinda is revising with him.  I'm very happy, thank you.   Susan, 16th November 2012
I was very happy with James' tutoring. Warren was a great tutor for James and as I mentioned on the phone,I wish we had found him sooner. In the short time that James did have his tutoring, I did notice he has become more confident and independent with his maths. Although he is still not a straight A student, he did show some improvement. Olga, 15th November 2012
We are very pleased with the program to date. Stephen is a very nice young man and a good tutor. David our son enjoys his teaching style and tutoring. Diane, 16th October 2012
I would like to inform you that Paul did his last session with Vik on Sunday 11.Nov 2012. I have to mention that he did a fantastic job of teaching Vik the two subjects maths & physics, and also helping him understand how VCE works. Thank You for keeping me well informed about my son's progress. I would have no hesitation to recommend you & Paul to any of my friends or anyone who needs help from a tutor. Wishing you all the best in the future. Jana, 14th October 2012
Shay is really enjoying the tutoring and Ben is a great tutor.  She is already improving in her maths, which was the objective.  Shay even does her extra math homework without argument which is amazing .  We look forward to working with Ben for the rest of this term and next year. Marion, 11th November 2012
Once again I really appreciate your help over the last few months. The structured format that EzyMaths brings to tutoring appears to provide a clear framework and guidelines for the tutors to work within. Combined with a really outstanding young tutor in Calvin this has had been very beneficial for Dom. I congratulate you on a great model and wish the business success for the future. Deb, 11th November 2012
I just wanted to let you know that Arielle's recent yearly Maths marks were the best she has ever had. Usually he marks are in the high 30's ( the test is out of 60) but this time she scored 50 out of 60! Arielle was thrilled and I know this has really boosted her confidence regarding her Maths abilities as she always felt Maths was too hard. I have noticed a definite change in her attitude to Maths tutoring with Ivan. She no longer dreads the session and is able to remain focused and attentive the whole time. This has given her the confidence to begin her new school next year with a positive attitude towards Maths. Lyn, 11th November 2012
WE are very happy with Jades work with Tanisha, Tanisha is very comfortable with Jade.  Tanisha has improved with her maths so far thanks to Jades help. Kristy, 11th November 2012
I would like to thank you for providing a wonderful service to us.  We were recommended to you by a friend of my daughters and this being the first time we had sought a tutor, we weren’t really sure what to do or how to go about it.  You made the whole process simple and easy for us.  Even though the initial tutor didn’t relate to my daughter, there was no problem with us changing to another tutor.  This wonderful young woman was just the right person for my daughter.  They both understood each other and my daughter approached her year 12 maths exam with so much more certainty and knowledge.  We won’t know for a while yet, the result of the exam but my daughter feels very confident about it. Tracey, 8th November 2012
Even though Brendan only has Gennady for a short time, but I can see a great improvement in his maths, also he seem to be more confident.  The feedback I got from Brendan is Gennady was very easy to understand, he tend to explain thing in a simple way, we tried many tutors before and wasted so much of his time.  I definitely recommend him for VCE specialist maths. Nola, 7th November 2012
We have just had our first session with John and I am writing to let you know how impressed I am with John. He was on time, polite and dressed professionally . His calm manner with Oliver was great. Oliver really enjoyed it and liked John very much . I am looking forward to many more positive sessions that result in Oliver improving . Vicki, 7th November 2012
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