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I just wanted to mention this to highlight how good Ming has been. He has been able to maintain Mitchell's learning and interest in Maths were his classroom teacher has failed. So a big thank you to him, and  to you for providing a great tutor. Jodi, 8th November 2011
Thanks for this.The first tutorial seemed to go very well.  Jet was certainly very positive about Josh! Debbie, 8th November 2011
I see how much more confident Nicholas is with maths, the teachers at school have noticed a difference, and he is eager to do maths now as where before he wasn't. In regards to Wade, well he is just gorgeous. He has built up a great relationship with Nicholas, and he actually waits for Wade each week..  Wade makes it fun, for Nicholas to do maths. Nicholas told me last week, s" when i get a question wrong, Wade makes me remember how to do it with a trick."  I think Wade explains it to him in a way that he understands it. I think Wade is fantastic at what he does and you can tell he loves his maths. cheers. Vicki, 5th November
I believe Paige is beginning to ask Jake more questions. I have advised her if she is still unsure of something she should ask for Jake to explain it again or in a different way. I feel she is starting to have more faith and she has advised me she is understanding some concepts a bit more clearly.   Tanya, 5th November 2011
Thank you for your email. All is going well with Avi, Michael is making steady gains and we are happy with his progress.  Avishag works well with Michael, she has a mature, organised work ethic, and is a great role model for Michael. Suzi, 4th November 2011
All going well so far and Thomas seems a great influence. Felicity, 4th November 2011
I just want to say that Daniel has finished his HSC and he received absolutely wonderful help from Andrew. I have recommended Ezy Math Tutoring to a friend of mine who will be in touch with you. Also, Lucy has been lovely and very helpful for Julia. Julia has finished her exams for the year and she is sure that without Lucy's help she would have really struggled with her maths. Susan, 3rd November 2011
We are very happy with Jacob. Brendan has developed a good relationship with him and is happy to have tutoring. His exams are next week so I am hoping he will show an improvement and be more confident going into the test. Jan, 3rd November 2011
All is well. We agree it can take some time to settle in, but having Meg has already improved the children's routine and helped up with homework. The plan is to increase the time that she comes to 1 and a half hours. We are looking at then continuing that through next year. Mary, 3rd November 2011
Just a short note to let you know we will be finishing off with Alex today, as Penelope sits her HSC maths paper tomorrow. He has been a terrific help and I would be thrilled to recommend him if you need any references. Amanda, 24th October 2011
I thought you might be pleased to hear our daughter, Arizona, is very, very happy with Lawrence's tutoring. It has been a meaningful development for her, albeit there is a great deal of fundamental work to do to bring her up to where she really needs to be. Thank you for your support with this. Jane, 13th October 2011
Sorry, I will sort this out this week.  Can I just add that Maya is great!!! Yanik, 19th September 2011
Thank you for the email. Alex is here now tutoring Sarah.  He is absolutely fantastic and has really helped her improve. We would like to stop the tutoring for now and see how Sarah goes in Term IV. If she finds anything difficult and requires another tutor I will contact you to arrange. Robyn, 12th September 2011
Liam and Georgie liked Stephanie and found her explanations and teachings simple and easy to understand.  They seem to be very happy with her which is great after only 1 session each! Danielle, 18th Auguts 2011
The tuition is going very well - we love Sigrid and Sian has improved in her confidence and ability beyond our expectations. Jamie, 16th August 2011
Thanks! Ori is a star, fabulous with both Emma and Oliver and they both think he’s wonderful too. A perfect match! Kathy, 11th August
Yes, Isabel was a good choice – they get on well, and Freya says that she is good at explaining things in a way she can understand. Jillian, 11th August 2011
Mo was a fantastic tutor for my son,Joe.  She was patient and adjusted her her teaching pace according to Joe's needs in the various areas that needed work.  Mo explained everything carefully and made sure Joe fully understood everything without making him feel uncomfortable. Joe and I are so grateful for her help and I will be sure to call on her again if the need arises. Anne, 9th August 2011
Thought I would drop you an email to let you know Aaron took his first lesson with the boys last night and everything seemed to go very well.  Brook and Lewis both commented on how the learning methods given were helpful and will hopefully put these in place. Thank you and hopefully this will be a turning point in the boys attitude towards this subject. Faye, 27th July 2011
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and Mohammed once again for everything. The standard of tutoring was outstanding and most of all Elise gained from it proving so with her results. Mohammed was a pleasure to have in our home being the polite gentleman he is. Such a credit to you and your company. I would have no hesitation in recommending Ezy Math Tutoring to anyone. Anton, 27th July 2011
Thank you for your email... I would also like to thank you for sending Angela to tutor Claudia. She is fantastic and is really helping Claudia and Claudia is very happy to have her as her tutor. Kathy, 30th May 2011
Just wanted to drop you a line to let you know how happy we have been with Sigrid  who has now had 4 sessions with our son, Andreas. She is a very caring and enthusiastic young lady who, over a short period of time, has built a lovely rapport with Andreas. In turn, Andreas feels very comfortable with her and looks forward to the sessions. Sigrid’s competence and the commitment she displays are commendable and have resulted in a noticeable improvement in Andreas’s confidence and his motivation towards maths. Many thanks for sending her our way. Gianna, 26th May 2011
We have been impressed by Callum's diligent approach to helping Georgina, his wit and time flexibility have made things as easy as possible for her. With warm regards. Frances, 19th April 2011
that Harry would get to the stage where he could do it on his own. I have been very impressed with the results he has been getting and they have far exceeded my expectations so the tutoring has been an outstanding success. I don’t want to finish it though just put it on hold while we work on physics for a term. I hope that is ok with you and David. Mary, 4th April 2011
has been a great tutor and I have seen my daughters confidence grow dramatically over the last few months. I told Arun last weekend that we only want one more lesson. If we look for Maths tutoring again when Mia is in highschool I would definitely look at using Ezy Maths Tutoring again. Paul, 15th March 2011
Thank you. I agree, Matt appears to be all that you say he is and my daughter was happy with the first session. She already understands some things better. Barbara, 13th March 2011
Nathan's marks have improved considerably over the past few months and i have noticed that he has a new-found confidence. He has discovered that if he applies himself he will succeed. Jodie S
Since working with David she's improved out of sight and is now first in her year. She understands questions better & as a result her marks have improved in other subjects across the board. Jim L
After two months our son's marks in year 10 maths went from the fourties to the seventies. I think most tutors know their maths but our tutor is a wonderful communicator and talented educator whom we wish to retain through the HSC. Brian W
I was just writing to let you know that I got better than the grade I hoped for, so everything turned out great! I wanted to say thank-you for all of your help. I would not have been able to do this without you. Thanks so much. Jenny H
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