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Since my daughter has been tutored by Ezy Math, she has improved significantly. At the end of last year she failed the yearly test and was ranked near the bottom of her year. Now after just 3 months of tutoring , she has achieved the highest mark in her class in the  half yearly exam. This has been a great boast to her confidence in addition to a great academic achievement. She knows now that she has the ability to do well in maths. Jessica is always very well prepared for all the sessions. During this time we went away on holidays and missed 3 weeks of school. Prior to leaving Jessica covered all the topics the school was doing to ensure that she did not get behind. We are extremely happy with Ezy Math Tutoring and  highly recommend them. Gai M
Harry got 83% in his yearly maths test. Last year he got 33% so Michael is doing a really good job. Mary E
I'm impressed by your reporting and we're very pleased with Dylan.  He's great. Barbara M
We have enjoyed having Addison in our home, I know Timothy has benefited  and we would like to say thanks. Philip H
We have only had one lesson with Johnson so far, he seems very good and my daughter seems to like him a lot so all is good. Susana P
The tutoring you have is great ,Sam, our tutor is fabulous so thanks. Rebecca J
Jessica is doing well with Zac. Jessica is very pleasant and easy going and Zac enjoys the lessons with her. Amanda M
Daniel got his marks back for his final exams in Mathematics. There has been a dramatic improvement in his results. Thank you. He is going to do 4 unit maths in year 12. Shayal B
James is doing fine in college maths class now, he is understanding what is going down in class which is a new experience for him - thank you. Anne R
Your help is very much appreciated.  I'm very happy with Nathan and Mason finds him very supportive. Mason does lack study skills and Nathan has been great in getting Mason focused. Kim P
Good afternoon. We are very happy with Jason Tutoring our daughter.  Thankyou. Simone A
We are very comfortable with Anne's tutoring of Tim and we think there has been a steady improvement. Peter H
Thanks for the reports. Michael is fantastic. James and I both really like him and he is a very dedicated and diligent tutor. Andrew R
Thank you for this.  We are extremely happy with Jason. He has a lot of patience with Sarah and  a genuine interest in helping her in Maths.  Sarah is slowly getting more confident in maths and this is a big step. Wendy W
Sam is excellent, Dominic seems to feel comfortable with him and his style. Kelly G
Thank you so much for your assistance over the past months. Alex has progressed quite well and is getting more enjoyment out the subject given that he now has a better grasp of it. David B
I'd like to let you know how happy we are with Lauren.  She has helped Zac to not only understand math concepts but has helped him gain confidence in his own ability.  He had gone from C grades to A- and A in recent exams. Wendy C
Yes she certainly got a lot out of it. Ben is s terrific, gentle teacher who was just the right person for her. Kerry B
Angelica has greatly improved her understanding  of  Maths  since her tuition and we are very grateful for that. We have been very happy with the tutoring service.   Melanie H
David was AWESOME, thanks. Fil P
Mahya served our daughter well as a math tutor. She was prompt, reliable and accommodating.Maths with Mahya “ was a highlight of the week  for her as the lessons  flowed  with ease and  the understanding she gained allowed her  to feel more confident about her abilities and certainly more enthusiastic about Maths itself.  Mahya was patient and kind and taught with expertise and confidence. She was a pleasure all round. Megan F
I would like to make a comment on your tutor Amy, without doubt Amy is the most professional and capable tutor we have ever had the pleasure to work with. Amy addressed all our concerns with Tarni’s level of knowledge with maths and we did see a huge improvement with her marks. Thanks again. Louie B
I thought you would be interested to know that Rebecca was pleased with David and his approach to maths. Tony V
Just wanted to let you know that we are very happy with David and Rianna  has taken a real liking to him. George C
We very much appreciate the tution given to Rhea during the year, benfitted her immensely. Joseph M
I am doing really well in maths now. I am currently 5th in 2unit and 8th in 3unit. I am really happy with the results. Terrie P
Very happy with the tutoring of Callum - it took a while to click, but what his tutor is doing is helping him with his speed issue; I also appreciated the report. Yasmin J
I just wanted to say thankyou for the lessons I have had, it has improved my outlook on maths. As a mature age student going back to studying to further my career I very much appreciate the patience and understanding that I have received.   Sally Z
Thanks for the tutoring last year, it seemed to help my daughter a lot. I would recommend your company to my friends, maybe later in the year I will call on your company again. Jan R
Our son was tutored by Maria for approximately 5 months. Maria was able to instil confidence in our son that was lacking & this assisted him in all aspects of his maths. Maria was able to work on problem solving & encouraged and motivated our son so that he had a desire to understand and to be able to use strategies to answer the maths questions. She was reliable & responded to our son's needs during each lesson. Pam K
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