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We find Stephen to be a fabulous tutor and of great assistance to David in maths! Diane, 2nd June 2016
Rahul is an amazing tutor. He uses very effective techniques to help my daughter be confident in Maths a subject she struggles with. Thank you for sending him because he is absolutely fantastic. Geraldine, 1st June 2016
All is going well with Baily. Sian and Baily got along really well right from the first lesson - great rapport! We are happy to continue with the tutoring. Philippa, 31st May 2016
Isabella is very happy with Phoebe and she has already shown improvement in her school work. Her teacher actually called me to tell me that she had improved which was great to hear. Michelle, 25th May 2016
We are extremely happy with Lakshya. He was just what Quinn needed and the 2 of them get along so well. We feel very lucky that we ended up with Lakshya. Julie, 23rd May 2016
We are delighted with Dexter. She and Carly get along very well and she makes the tutoring process seamless and pleasant. Carly is responding very well to Dexter and they've already and good progress. Michelle, 20th May 2016
Things are going really well with Adam. Josephine is very comfortable with him and enjoys their lessons. He has been very helpful, friendly and supportive. We're really pleased its working out so well. Sharenne, 10th May 2016
Even as a trained classroom teacher, I found Ezymath's tutoring resources particularly helpful in dealing with struggling students. I would recommend the basic program to any student or parent as it is designed to help tutors systematically address common learning problems, and provide structure for the student. In addition to dealing with content knowledge, the Ezymath program encourages students to develop positive study habits, effectively engage with their regular teachers, and build confidence in academic learning that will continue to yield results long beyond their time with a tutor. Jay, 15th April 2016
I'm happy to let you know that Domonic has been a great tutor. Nadine is very happy and feels comfortable learning with him. Hazar, 11th April 2016
We are happy at this stage and Leyla is saying that she likes the way Zoe is teaching her. We are happy with Zoe as she is a very nice lady and very good teacher. Nermina, 2nd April 2016
Kameron is an excellent tutor, and Bradley is already moving forward with him. Marie, 30th March 2016
Vedant has been great. The day after Dan's first session, he scored a B- in his maths test, his highest ever mark. I'm sure he can achieve even higher marks than that with Vedant's help. Thank you for pairing Daniel with Vedant because Vedant has done a great job earning Dan's respect and sorting out the problems that were holding him back. Sharon, 30th March 2016
Jet is very much enjoying her time with Bayley, they are a good match. Karen, 29th March 2016
We have only had a couple of tutoring sessions so far but it has been a very short term, however the couple of sessions that we have had with Jonathan have been very good so we are very happy. We look forward to next term and Mia getting the assistance that she needs with her maths. Jonathan explains things well and is very kind and patient. So far, all good. Paula, 25th March 2016
Ashleigh is working with Joshua nicely, thank you. They interact easily and Ash asks questions an feels comfortable with him. Kerry, 24th March 2016
Aliesha and Winnie are working very well together. I have already seen the results. Aliesha's first assessment task in Year 10 general maths, she scored 37% but in her latest assessment task she achieved 92%, which is an amazing result. Aliesha has regained her confidence which is reflected in her school, work and at home. She is so much happier. Thank you for all your helpful advice during my initial enquiries and a big thank you to Winnie. Marja, 23rd March 2016
Sam has been great, easy to communicate and arrange times & dates has been great. Sam takes pride in his tutoring and is assisting Jacqueline with her studies. Thank you. Jenny, 20th March 2016
So far all is good. Lili and Jasmine get along lovely and she is teaching Jasmine some math tricks which is great. Jasmine is more keen to practice her maths also. Lisa, 18th March 2016
Lille has taken well to tutoring so far and Jackie is a great match for Lille so we are happy. Allison, 16th March 2016
We are very happy with John and with his tutoring. Caitlin’s confidence with maths is growing already. Carolyn, 15th March 2016
My son was very happy with Vincent's tuition technique. Beverley, 14th March 2016
Meagan has started off with a good start to her Maths with the help from Ma. She is a brilliant Tutor and lovely girl we are extremely happy and would recommend her to anyone. We are really pleased to-date. Kerrie, 14th March 2016
Sessions are going really well. Hasnat and Charlotte are building a good rapport. She is very happy with the sessions, and they are communicating well. So all good! Amanda, 12th March 2016
We are very happy with Katie and her style. She is giving Blythe confidence and this week Blythe has completed her homework with much less assistance! Kerry, 11th March 2016
I'd like to report that George thinks Chirag is "so smart" . He is doing the work Chirag leaves him and is definitely more confident. I find him to always be punctual and polite and am very happy we found him. Mary, 6th March 2016
We were very happy with your company and my daughter’s tutor, Daniel. There was an obvious improvement in my daughter’s performance and attitude towards maths as reflected in her end of year report. Danielle, 5th March 2016
My son Joshua had Tu as a tutor and he had great results. He responded well to Tu as a teacher, his marks improved and he gained confidence through the tutoring. Angie, 3rd March 2016
Kareem is very happy with John as am I. He makes sure Kareem understands the basics and rules of what he is learning, which is what Kareem needs. Omima, 1st March 2016
Ash is a great help, thanks! Marisse, 29th February 2016
Zoe is enjoying the lessons and tutoring is going well. Toula, 28th February 2016
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