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We are pleased with Martin. He is prompt and the kids report he is good. Kimberly, 1st November 2015
Great – Lachlan and my 9 year old have already established a great rapport! Marian, 30th October 2015
Katie is great and things are all going very well. Both Michaela and I like Katie very much. Jo, 28th October 2015
Jarryd is proving a great find! Meg's already doing better and feeling more confident, so we're very happy. Thanks for finding him for us.   Kate, 24th October 2015
Rebecca is extremely happy with Diana.  She is truly amazing and the first session was a great success with understanding and common ground.  Very happy. Dianne, 22nd October 2015
Abbey seems very happy with Diana. Stacey, 19th October 2015
Matthew has been extremely happy with the tutoring Hannah has provided, and received an A on his most recent Maths test this week.  Hannah is always very punctual and explains things very clearly to Matthew, and in particular has encouraged him to show his working out, which contributed toward him receiving more marks on his recent test than he would have otherwise received.   Matthew has already asked if Hannah can continue to tutor him next year! Christy, 16th October 2015
Thank you so much Michelle is wonderful and it is all working out very well. Ruth, 15th October 2015
Owen is working very well with Stephen, his style of tutoring is a good fit. Kath, 5th October 2015
All is good Athena really likes Fatemeh, and is enjoying the tutoring. Best regards Toula, 1st October 2015
We are very happy with both Seth's tutor Robert and his progress!   He is actually looking forward to starting up again when school goes back :) Rae, 22nd September 2015
I found my tutoring sessions with Daryl to be very helpful, for the period that I needed him for. Thank you for your service.  It was most definitely appreciated.  Please pass on my regards to Daryl. Alex, 20th September 2015
Steven has seen great benefit from the tutoring he has received from Robert these past months. His grades and his confidence in Maths has improved tremendously. Thank you so very much for the wonderful service you have provided. Robert is fantastic and Steven worked really well with him and actually would look forward to his Tuesday lessons! Tammy, 17th September 2015
Huge thanks to Nicole who helped Sydney to get this far. Laura, 17th September 2015
Norina has been fantastic. Emma and Norina have hit it off and have started to build a great rapport. Natarsha, 15th September 2015
Renee and Ava have hit it off and they are already achieving results – we couldn’t be happy with Renee, she is polite, adaptable, easy to get along with and relates really well with Ava. Andy, 11th September 2015
Sarah is lovely & my girls are enjoying their sessions with her so far. Odette, 11th September 2015
We are very happy with the tutoring from Heloise, she and Genevieve get on very well. Genevieve will be in touch with Heloise to book more lessons. Lynn, 10th September 2015
We have been very happy with Sarah and she is building a good relationship with Ryan Michelle, 9th September 2015
Luke has been going well with Toby. Toby has a good clear style which Luke likes, he also gives Luke tips about note taking and summarising. Fiona, 8th September 2015
We are actually really happy with Glenn, he is a lovely boy. Thanks! Tammy, 7th September 2015
Katerina is doing a good job with Kristie and connected well with her. Vic, 6th September 2015
No problems, Tim is a lovely guy and tries really hard to make sure each session is the best he can deliver. Thanks! Jody, 5th September 2015
Samantha is enjoying her time with Amelia. Paul, 4th September 2015
Stefanie is really happy with her tutor. Maria, 3rd September 2015
We are happy with Ezymath tutoring and with Jessica. They seem to be developing a good understanding of each other. Tajh has improved, which is good to see, and he seems to have more confidence in doing his math work lately. Rez, 2nd September 2015
Arash is tutoring Dougal and it is going well. Dougal is finding it very helpful and understands Arash's explanations. Lorna, 1st September 2015
Yes all going well thank you - Archie is enjoying his time with Quoc. Much thanks. Sharie, 31st August 2015
All went well. Very happy! So far so good. Cortney, 30th August 2015
We are extremely happy with the service so far. Jonah is very happy & comfortable with Celine & she is lovely. He is so much more confident already in regards to even attempting maths so we believe it is money well spent. Vanessa, 29th August 2015
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