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Kimberly, tutor in Randwick, NSW
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1st Lesson Trial

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What do I enjoy most about tutoring?

1. As a student myself, I know what its like to feel lost or struggle with school work, and at times I may not be able to ask teachers in school, or clarify my questions and doubts in front of my whole class, thus tutoring was this private time that I could really learn at my own pace. I would like to do the same for the kids. 2. I love to see people achieve greatness, and hopefully, I will be able to see marked results in the students who would allow me to tutor them. 3. I love children in general so being in their company is rewarding on its own.

My Strengths as Tutor

1. Focus and hardworking - I will do my best to prep before tutoring 2. Sensitive to their needs - I will try to discover their strength and help with their weaknesses, as each individual is different. 3. Charismatic 4. Disciplined - being a prefect from primary school till the end of high school, I know how how to handle people well, especially my younger peers. 5. Creative - I enjoy making learning a fun experience, because I am a creative learner myself.

Most important things I can do for a student

To be able to simplify information without missing out the crucial points while maintaining or developing the student's interest in a particular subject.

Subjects Tutored

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  • Science tutoring
  • English tutoring

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