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Jacky, tutor in Carlingford, NSW
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What do I enjoy most about tutoring?

Previously, I had been admitted into a Bachelor of Actuarial Studies Program at UNSW. After gaining the opportunity to a number of internships, I found that my passion did not lie in applying mathematics in a corporate or business setting. My true passion lied in sharing and teaching mathematical concepts to young people and building a good foundation for them so they can do what they love in the future. People usually question why I switched degrees despite attaining such high achievements. However, it is the people that I have taught that truly understand my profound love for teaching.

My Strengths as Tutor

The ability to consistently provide solutions to all people. I am currently ranked first in mathematics within the cohort of second year Macquarie University students. Despite this, I always give up my time to help other students perform well and they greatly appreciate what I do. I believe it is my passion for mathematics and continual research in this subject that makes me an outstanding tutor. I am an extremely organised person and that means I am almost always never late. Having experience in a corporate environment, I am also well presented; namely I dress formally to all occasions.

Most important things I can do for a student

Being able to meet the needs of the parents and students. Every student is unique and they have goals that they wish to achieve. Although these goals may be similar, I believe a tutor must listen attentively and work towards these particular targets so they can achieve what the student desires. A tutor also has to establish a sense of trust. This can be done by providing the student an opportunity to seek support outside of the face-to-face lesson. From my experience, someone that can go that extra mile and offer that additional assistance will only portray a trustworthy and credible tutor.

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