Jade, tutor in Kars Springs, NSW

Jade - English Tutor in Kars Springs

Tutoring in Kars Springs
and other surrounding suburbs Brawboy,

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My Strengths as Tutor

My strength would be the way in which I currently structure my only study pattern which I can pass onto a student. Firstly I initiate a timetable/program outlining days and hours in which a student can study/ attempt to complete assignments. This gives students a structure or outline to follow and lets them know when they are falling behind. My patient disposition would be a strength in teaching subject matter that can sometimes be hard to comprehend fully. A potential weakness would assuming students already know particular word definitions or concepts in which they don't

Most important things I can do for a student

Initial preparation for all tutoring sessions is of fundamental importance as well as preparing for any potential problems that may arise. A tutor should help students initiate questions regarding the content sometimes missed in a classroom environment. Developing a students confidence in studying and understanding the subject matter is also important. Of utmost importance is being able to review and pay close attention to the way a student is learning material and ways this can be improved through revisions and asking questions on the content to see if they have retained the information.