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Talyssa, tutor in Brunswick, VIC
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What do I enjoy most about tutoring?

As a student and a former Classical dance and Art teacher at the Lycee Francais de Kuala Lumpur (French School of Kuala Lumpur) and the Sutra Dance Academy, at which I was a teacher from the ripe age of 13, I learned 2 main things: I learned that teaching others is the best way to learning and that nothing is as rewarding as seeing a student grasp a taught skill, and I am certain that becoming a student mentor will allow me to continue to receive these gratifications while helping others.

My Strengths as Tutor

While studying with acquaintances, I would often inquire about their memorization techniques and along with this information, assist them with the learning of their material. I believe while teaching, it is important to always provide a diversity of mediums articulating the same information in order to accommodate every individual's learning strategies, however, teachers may not have sufficient time to guide each student individually. I am hopeful that as a tutor, I would be privileged to able to aid students in this manner.

Most important things I can do for a student

As I have mentioned above, every student's different capabilities and strategies to learn in their own way need to be considered before even beginning to tutor them. If a tutor teaches without having this in mind, there are chances that even after months of teaching, the student will not grasp the information as well as he/she probably could if he/she had learnt with a different strategy (e.g. visual learners, auditory learner, etc.). Along with being patient, I believe these are the most important things a tutor can do.

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