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HSC Maths Tutoring

Additional advantages for HSC maths tutors

The most obvious advantage of HSC maths tutors is better grades, but they can do so much more than that. The most obvious result can be seen in the maths grades of the student, but also in the behaviour of the student. Our Ezy Math HCS maths tutors provide students with more confidence and self-esteem, providing better results for all courses. Better self-esteem and confidence can also help students to do school work on their own and take more initiative.

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Discover our worksheets

HSC maths tutors is not the only thing you can find on our website. Ezy Maths also has a number of worksheets that can help students practice their basics and fundamentals. Sometimes it is necessary to go back to the basics, which can form a strong foundation to build HSC maths on.

On our resource page you will find a number of worksheets, each for a specific maths year. Taking advantage of these free worksheets is definitely recommended, because it can make a huge difference between passing and failing.

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How can I get HSC maths tutors?

Getting in contact with HSC maths tutors is quite easy. Ezy Maths tutors offer many ways in which you can contact us. Firstly there is the enquiry form, which you can use to request HSC maths tutors for your region and quickly describe the problems the student is experiencing. You can also use the phone and contact us directly. A friendly representative will explain all the options available to you and provide you with quick solutions.

HSC maths tutors from Ezy Math also come with an additional advantage. When you use our service for the first time, the student can take advantage of a free lesson. The first lesson with your new HSC maths tutor is completely free and this lesson is most commonly used to determine the problems the student is dealing with. After this first lesson, HSC maths tutors can develop a learning strategy that is tailored for the needs of the particular student.

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Can you guarantee the suitability of your HSC maths tutors?

All our HSC maths tutors have to undergo strict selection processes according to the high standards of Ezy Math. Some of the selection processes our HSC maths tutors are subjected to are resume screenings, skill profiling, commitment evaluations, simulations, tutor testing, suitability checks, interviews and so much more.

In addition to the screening processes, our HSC maths tutors must also follow the training program that Ezy Math has in place. This training program ensures that all HSC maths tutors can work according to the standards that we expect of them. HSC maths tutors that do not comply with any of our rules, regulations and screening processes, will not be accepted into our pool of tutors.

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More Questions?

Do you have problems finding specific information on our website or do you have additional questions for us? Do not hesitate to contact us directly via phone or use our enquiry form. Our representatives will gladly answer any question you may have.

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What they say about our tutoring:

Anne is loving tutoring and James is doing an amazing job so yes we are very happy and wish to continue!
All is great with Nathan. He's a lovely man and April has her block testing for maths tomorrow and she's confident- a good sign. April will now have a couple of weeks break due to holidays but Nathan will certainly be coming back. April quietly winges  about the homework Nathan sets for her but we don't interfere and are glad that Nathan makes sure its completed as April's attitude to maths was pretty bad.  
Thanks Gene, so far, Jamie’s response has been very good.  He has had 2 lessons to date, as last week was cancelled at our request (he was away on camp).   Jamie has responded very well to Eshan, who’s approach is unassuming, gentle, but persuasive and constructive.  Jamie actually looks forward to spending time with Eshan to teach him his Maths strategies.   We look forward to seeing Eshan again next week.   Thanks also for the newsletter.  I have to say that I think your supportive written material is very useful!
Hello and thank you for your email. We are happy with Philip's progress in these few weeks as you suggest I am sure more time is needed for him to be more confident . We are also happy with his tutor he is very well spoken, polite and gets on well with my son so far.
Sophie is very happy with Jane as a tutor.  Jane is extremely diligent - we have the complication of the UK syllabi and Jane has taken a lot of trouble in her own time, to check up on what Sophie should be learning !
We are very happy with the way the tutoring is working out. Harry seems to have improved already and his confidence is on the way up, all good news. Lee has been excellent and Harry is very happy to work with him.
Thanks for asking So far so good Michael is great. Kane seems to be quite happy
We are very happy with Cohen. He is excellent.
Thanks for the follow up.  Yes I am very happy with Sean, he has worked with Machlin through some difficult times and nothing has been a problem for Sean.

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"It's not how much we give but how much love we put into giving."

― Mother Teresa
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