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Brain Food: 6 Great Foods To Improve Your Childs Memory, Focus And Energy

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Brain Food: 6 Great Foods To Improve Your Childs Memory, Focus And Energy

2018-08-02T23:41:12+00:00 Posted in Concentration & Focus, Parent Advice by

Parents are always looking for the newest, best, most talked about techniques to help their children skyrocket to the top of their class. Hiring a private tutor is an excellent way to give your child the head start that they need, but there is something you can do before the tutor gets there that will be extremely beneficial to your child’s learning: Feed Them!


Of course you are feeding your kids, (and for some of you, it feels like that’s all you do! Where do they put all of that food?!) But WHAT you are feeding them could greatly improve their memory, concentration and recall skills. Although not scientifically proven (yet) here are a list of foods researchers link to healthy brains:


Breakfast is a vital part of your child’s growth, and should be full of healthy options to get them off on a good start. Although it’s tempting to pour a bunch of sugar in the form of cereal into a bowl for them, consider whipping up some eggs. Eggs are rich in choline, a substance that plays a major role in memory stem cells. Oatmeal is also a great breakfast choice because it keeps kids full and gives them a steady stream of energy until lunchtime. When they feel satisfied, they can focus on the lesson instead of their growling stomach.


If your child eats lunch at school, drop in occasionally and see what they’re eating. Look for bright colored fruits and vegetables and plenty of low calorie, low sugar options. If you pack your child’s lunch, go for sandwiches on wheat bread.  Wheat bread is high in fiber, but also has plenty of folate, a vitamin used to create memory cells in the brain.


After school snacks can help keep your kids’ brain working and growing even outside of the classroom. Many parents overlook one very important staple every kid should have in his or her diet: water. Make sure they are drinking plenty of water and limit their sugary and carbonated drinks. Water helps kids feel refreshed and energized and prevents dehydration, which causes kids to feel sluggish, unmotivated and lazy. A bowl of multi grain cereal is another great mid-afternoon snack idea that’ll keep them full but provide them with nutrients that they need.


As dinner rolls around, keep the kids involved in the dinner making decisions. If they feel involved, they will be more likely to eat (and hopefully finish) their meal. Lean beef is an excellent source of iron and also has zinc, which has been known to improve memory.


By being intentional about the foods you put on your child’s plate, you’re being intentional about what they put in their brains as well. Healthy food choices throughout the day can result in improved academic performance, better behavior and increased focus, memory and concentration, so open up the refrigerator and start feeding those brains!