15 Nov

How Much Tutoring Is Right?

Students will require varied amounts of tuition based on several factors, for instance their current academic standing, their goals, their year level, and the length of time to achieve the goals. Tutoring can make a large difference to under performing students and this can really boost their confidence which in turn begins to reinvigorate the passion for the subject. There are a lot of positive aspects that can flow from tuition, however to maintain these, momentum is necessary.

Depending on each student’s goals, an hour of tuition a week will help the student with what has been taught in the past week and give time to revise upcoming work. However, if the student is already struggling to keep up, an hour of tuition, while being helpful, might not be enough. If your student is wishing to improve a large amount in a short period of time, it would be wise to consider 90 to 120 minutes of tuition. This gives the student and the tutor more time to structure their lesson to ensure everything is effectively dealt with.

Two hours of tuition a week is seen as the best option for providing high results in the shortest time. This is due to the increased access the student has to the tutor to ask any questions they’re having. Also, it provides a large consistent structure for the student where they will be able to get the most out of each tuition lesson. It provides a lot of momentum where the student’s confidence will be bolstered from having someone to talk to about their problems, and thus be more motivated to solve problems themselves. This is normally done on two separate days of one hour on each of the days. This allows the tutor and the student to be in contact every few days and therefore constantly make progress, without ever getting stuck for more than a day or so.

The more time a tutor is with a student, the more time they can spend refining the student’s study habits as well as revising and practising the class work. Leaving more time to fine tune exam revision techniques and time-management will allow the student to receive even higher results. The benefits of one-on-one tuition, when done twice a week allows the tutor to carefully understand the student’s thinking processes and work habits, which in turn allows them to address more issues which could sometimes go unnoticed.

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