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It’s Not About What You Say…. Oh Wait, Yes It Is.

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It’s Not About What You Say…. Oh Wait, Yes It Is.

motivationParents and teens communicate hundreds of messages a day:

Get ready for school!

Don’t forget your lunch!

Have a great day!

Don’t roll your eyes at me

Can you clean the bathroom?

Drive safely

Do your laundry

Do you have any homework?

No homework? Really?

You don’t have ANY reading or studying you could be doing?

Where are you going?

Who will be there?

What time will you be home?

Be safe

I love you

Sleep well.


But when it comes to their education, many teens don’t get the positive affirmations they need to help them become successful learners. Teens need to hear encouraging words from their parents, especially when they feel stressed or overwhelmed. Many parents say things like “Don’t worry, it’ll be fine” or “Try harder” but there things parents can say that light a fire in their teens and build the self confidence of struggling students if heard often enough. Below is a list of positive affirmations parents can tell their teens in order to help them feel confident and capable of achieving educational success:

I have faith in you –Sometimes teens just need to know that someone believes in them, that someone that they love and trust believe they can do it, even when they don’t believe it themselves

You can change your mind– Many times, the struggle with math begins with the students negative mind set. A constant reminder that a positive attitude is a choice they can make daily can help shift their thinking from negative to positive.

It’s okay to feel frustrated/mad/overwhelmed- Some students get so caught up in dealing with their frustrations and stress when it comes to math that they lose sight of trying to understand the concepts. Reminding them that the emotions they are feeling are valid will help them deal with the emotions first and then get back to focusing on trying to understand the concepts.

You’re capable- When parents constantly remind their teens that they are fully capable of overcoming obstacles and reaching their goals, eventually the students will believe it. When parents tell them they are capable, they can remind them of all of the things they can do to solve their problem. Tell them they are capable is also telling them that they are capable of asking more questions in class until they understand, they’re capable of finding a tutor, they’re capable of staying after school, joining a study group. They are capable of taking charge of their education and refusing to be a victim, slip through the cracks, or give up.

There hundreds of positive affirmations that teachers, tutors and parents can say to their teen to help them build their self-confidence. What parents say, and don’t say, to their teens during times of stress and struggles will build the foundation for what teens say to themselves throughout their lives when they are trying to overcome obstacles. Parents and tutors need to make sure they are feeding their teens positive, encouraging and helpful messages when they need it the most.