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Op-ed: Studying Mathematics

2018-08-02T23:36:58+00:00 Posted in About Education and Learning by

In my opinion a majority of people do not like mathematics. This is largely because many people are not particularly good at it and this means many people cannot wait until they no longer have to take it (this applies to many people who are good at maths ..

About Tests and Education System

2018-08-02T23:37:06+00:00 Posted in About Education and Learning by

I get quite despairing at times when i listen to the political football that is education. It is not all negative however as there are many people who are trying to improve things for everyone. There are many great teachers and tutorials on the internet. To anybody interested ..

Tips For Multiple Choice Exams

2018-07-30T23:24:24+00:00 Posted in All About Exams, All Categories by

Q: What is the best way to study for a multiple-choice test? A. Review the material for the first time as you drive to school B. Follow this informative set of guidelines C. “Work together” with the smart kid who sits in front of you Multiple choice is ..

Tutoring Students Who Are Differently-Abled: ADD

2018-08-02T23:39:39+00:00 Posted in About Education and Learning, Coaching, Mentoring & Reflection, Concentration & Focus, Structuring Lessons by

All students are entitled to a great education, and deserve every opportunity to excel. Students with disabilities can be helped in a variety of different ways that will help them understand and improve their grades and self-confidence in the classroom. A successful tutor will know the manipulatives, activities, ..